Sami Naceri, tears in his eyes when he talks about his heavy difficulties after Taxi

By Laura D’Angelo

– Published on 06 Jan 2023 at 08:30

Invited to the Touche set not at my post, Samy Naceri, very moved, returned to his role in the Taxi saga.

He was a star in the late 90s, early 2000s. In 1998, moviegoers discovered Samy Naceri in the film Taxi. He will play one of the main roles in the first four parts of the saga. But after the success, the actor will fall slowly into hell. “When you’re unprepared, and you get to the pinnacle of glory, how do you manage? », asked Jason Divengele, for Brut. “Me, in any case, I managed badly. (…) It’s a machine that gets started. So you have doors that were closed and are starting to open. Afterwards it is true that you have to be well surrounded. But I had a little trouble listening. And the first people you have to listen to are your family and my older brothers. Afterwards you’re all fired up, you take everything, you want to live fast! »

Samy Naceri moved to tears by evoking Taxi

25 years after the release of the film, Samy Naceri is still struggling to recover from this situation. Guest on the set of Do not touch My TVon January 5, 2023, the actor returned to the saga. “When you look Taxi, does it still do something to you? »asked Cyril Hanouna. “Of course because I see the work that has been done over the yearsand the work with Luc [Besson]who didn’t let us down, who wanted us to learn our text by heart”, replied the actor. “Did Luc choose you?” », asks the facilitator. ” Sure. I owe him a lot“retorts Samy Naceri, tears in his eyes.

Cyril Hanouna then asked the actor how he was able to live after so much success. “Did there come a time after this success that you freaked out? Did you say to yourself ‘I have become a huge star’? »asked the host. “Of course it’s difficult because…” he replies, his throat visibly lumpy. His producer, Eric Atlan, present on the set, then told an anecdote: the day he told him that he was going to play in Taxi. “What I find extraordinary is that he already had the prescience, that at the same time it was going to be something extraordinary that was going to make us part, but at the same time something that was also going to be his downfall through this whole experience. Because when we go up there, we also go down a bit. »