Samuel Koch: He was so worried about his Ukrainian refugee family

The actor Samuel Koch (35), who is in a wheelchair, knows what it means to be dependent on outside help. With a positive basic attitude, the 35-year-old is committed to helping people with disabilities with his foundation “Samuel Koch and Friends eV”. In the spring of 2021, together with his helpers, he made sure that disabled people were brought to Germany from the war zone in Ukraine. At the forefront: Mama Marion (59), who is also known as “Angel Marion” to many in need.

One of her protégés is the blind Ukrainian Alla (32). Only six months ago she gave birth to a healthy girl in Germany. But on New Year’s Eve, the 32-year-old suffered a “diabetic shock” and fell into a coma, as Marion Koch explained in an interview with “”. Samuel Koch and his mother feared for the life of the Ukrainian.

Samuel Koch speaks up with an emotional post

Shortly after New Year’s Eve, Samuel published a photo on his Instagram account showing him with his mother Marion, Ukrainian Alla, her husband Alex – who is also in a wheelchair – and their daughter Anja Marion, who is only a few months old. Nothing seemed to be able to harm the family happiness. But the photo was followed by an oppressive video showing Alla in the clinic – hanging on tubes and fighting for her life. Because on New Year’s Eve Alla had to go to the hospital because of a diabetic shock. Samuel had received permission from Alla’s husband Alex to publish the video material.

“If you currently have a prayer left with all the difficulty, please do – thank you!”, The actor wrote under the moving post. Mama Marion, who is a trained intensive care nurse herself, lovingly took care of the coma patients. She massaged Alla again and again until she showed a first reaction. Soon Alla’s condition stabilized. “After there was little hope for Alla, her health has improved,” said Samuel to “”.

Samuel Koch: “My heart is jumping, thank God!”

The breathing tube was soon removed. On Thursday (January 5) Alla woke up from the coma. “My heart is jumping, thank God!” Samuel was happy about the little New Year’s miracle. Mama Marion, who lovingly took care of the birth of Alla’s daughter Anja Marion in the summer, once again lived up to her nickname as “Angel”. But the 59-year-old knows that she still has a lot of work to do.

The Ukrainian will have to stay in bed for a while and will need care. “Alla will need a sensor and a pump in the future to be able to control her sugar,” Marion explained in an interview with “” and added, “We are grateful for everyone who supports our work here.”

Standing up for others is an affair of the heart for Samuel Koch. He has experienced first-hand how important it is to receive help and support. In the video below, the actor finds moving words.