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The creator of Instarandula, samuel suarezreacted surprised at the low rating of the new program on Panamericana TV, “turn on”.

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According to the document shared by “Rating Show Perú” on Instagram, the space hosted by Karla Tarazona, Kurt Villavicencio and Melissa Paredes would have had 0.2 rating points on Peruvian television.

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In this regard, the communicator assured that he did see the aforementioned show program. “Really so low? But if I even see Melissa and Karla modeling. Guys, I do see you in the morning for a while, I am one of those cats that is in there. I hope they do something to lift, ”he said.

“When I found out that Melissa was going to enter, I was the first to think that it was a great success by the producer in charge. Since it is controversial, bochinchera and the circus of fights between the drivers it could work, but I was wrong. Let’s hope they think of something to reinvent themselves, if it doesn’t work you have to move the chips better”, added the founder of the portal.

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Melissa Paredes: this is how she reacted to being “forced” to read Rodrigo Cuba’s message to Ale Venturo

The host of “Préndete” Kurt Villavicencio and Karla Tarazona pressured their partner Melissa Paredes to read the romantic message from her ex-husband Rodrigo Cuba dedicated to Ale Venturo.

“Happy Anniversary my love. The first of many that are yet to come, thank you for being the best companion that could touch me, for being with me through the good, the bad and the worst. You showed me that you are always with me in all kinds of circumstances, accompanying me in silence in the most difficult moments, without you I would not have made it. Thank you for filling my days with all the love you have to give, with each of your crazy things,” Cuba wrote on her Instagram account.