San Diego Pooth: Verona Pooth’s son wants to start as a model

He wants to stand on his own two feet. Verona Pooth’s son San Diego now lives in Florida and works hard on his modeling career.

Six months ago, San Diego Pooth (18) left Germany to pursue his dream in Florida: He went to the IMG Academy in Bradenton, where he will graduate from high school in June and then study economics and to start as a golf pro. But life in America is expensive. The model genes of his mother Verona Pooth (53) play into his hands. In order to finance his livelihood, he is now starting out as a model, as reported by “Bild am Sonntag”.

A new life in Florida began for San Diego Pooth last fall. At that time, Verona Pooth’s son gave an insight into his spartan dorm room. You can take a look inside San Diego’s new home in the video below.

San Diego Pooth: He wants to make his own money

The 18-year-old is working hard towards his dreams and goals. Above all, he wants to be independent from his parents. “I really want to earn my own money here in the USA,” revealed San Diego in an interview with “BamS”” When I go to June in June When I go to college, I want to buy a car and an apartment. I don’t just want my parents to give me the money.” What helps him? His own body, which he now capitalizes on

San Diego trains hard every day in the gym to work as a model. The young man’s ambition has paid off. This week, the model management “Elite” signed him. The agency was won over by San Diego’s looks. “I’m the right height at 1.92 meters,” the 18-year-old continued. “An advantage was definitely that I’m slim, athletic and in pretty good shape.” This is how the German made it into the file, which also includes stars like Naomi Campbell (51), Claudia Schiffer (51) and Kendall Jenner (26).

That’s what Verona says about her son’s career path

In order to later make a career as a golf pro, San Diego spends up to six hours a day on the golf course. “After that I go to the gym,” the athlete continues. “Bench press, bicep curls, and tricep pulldowns are my favorite exercises.”

But what does Mama Verona actually say about her son’s ambitious plans? “I couldn’t be prouder, he’s going his own way,” enthuses the mother of two when asked by “BamS” about her eldest. In June, she flies to the United States with her family to attend her son’s high school graduation. “After that, San Diego is coming to Germany for the summer holidays. His brother, little Roccolito, is the happiest about that.”

Blushed: only her son Rocco can do that!

Blushed: only her son Rocco can do that!