Sananas: The sad reason behind her false pregnancy

Through Maureen Peron

– Modified Jan 21, 2023 at 6:48 PM

After shocking the web by announcing a false pregnancy, Sananas explains. And the reason revealed is unfortunately sad.

Recently, Youtuber Sananas caused a huge buzz on Instagram. The pretty brunette shares a photo of her with a round belly. But all this is just a show! Sananas isn’t pregnant… It didn’t take much to make the canvas mad. under the emotion of Milla Jasmine’s pregnancy, some were already euphoric at the news. But a twist, a reason is hidden behind this post: “ I wanted it to live up to those kinds of remarks. […] It shocks me just as much to have this kind of remarks made about me, but to read it [aussi] everywhere, under other photos of other girls. […] It shocks me even more than what I did “.

Sananas: “It’s not normal and it never will be”

The young woman has more than enough of a woman being asked if she is pregnant. The Youtuber with millions of subscribers writing : ” Do you need more reasons to understand that it’s not normal to ask all these questions to a woman? STOP. Honestly, I can’t read this anymore. Do you realize that it has become a top search trend “Pregnant Sananas”? And that I am asked the question EVERY day? It’s not normal and it never will be, whether it concerns me or any other woman. It’s total disrespect for women and unhealthy curiosity. […] I don’t know when all these questions around pregnancy were normalized. But I tell you: NO, it’s not normal. “.

She reminds us that this type of question can hurt: “You can’t know what the woman you’re talking to is going through. Neither his couple nor his relatives, it may be their hell on Earth. If this woman wants to share this information of extreme intimacy, she will do it, or not.. Of course, Sananas understands that his way of doing things can be considered shocking: “It’s a serious subject, not only in my eyes, but a serious subject at all. All of this must stop. So, yes, I took a provocative angle to try to mark the spirits as I can at my level, because it is important. “. That is what is said!