Sandra Barrios, this is what is known about Jessi Uribe’s ex-wife

Since the popular music singer Jessi Uribe began his romance with the artist Paola Jara, there have been many rumors about his separation from his ex Sandra Barrios, mother of his four children.

Very little is known about Sandra, however, on her Instagram account she describes herself as follows: “In love with God, mother of four little angels, businesswoman and grateful to the eternal father for so many blessings.”

At first it was said that Sandra Barrios began her romantic relationship with Uribe while she was still with another person, however, it was she herself who denied that rumor and said that at the time she started dating the music singer popular had already ended the relationship which was questioned.

The businesswoman assured that she met the artist in a private show in a real estate agency where she worked for part of her life. But it was some time later that they started dating, as she was going to a bar where Jessi was performing.

Some time after her separation from Uribe, Sandra Barrios began a romantic relationship with Jorge Armando Espinosa, whom she herself has made public on her personal Instagram account.

Regarding the current relationship of his ex-partner, at the moment that Uribe found out about this, he wished them “from the heart that they be very happy and that God bless them always. I have known him for a long time and I know he is a good man”.

Why did you break up?

Uribe assured that it was false that he became unfaithful to Sandra Barrios with her current partner Paola Jara, also a popular music singer. “We were never lovers or anything”, said the artist from Santander.

“Although people talk, those who were with me know that I am sincere, and one day I told my past: ‘I don’t give any more, I want to give myself an opportunity to be happy, to feel beautiful things that I no longer feel.’ He was no longer in love. It is normal for relationships to end. Without having to abandon mine, that is, my children, I wanted an opportunity to be happy and I ended that relationship. People say that I was with both at the same time, false! I was never with Paola (Jara) and with her (Sandra Barrios) at the same time”, said Jessi Uribe in an interview with Vea magazine.

Jessi Uribe also assured that, in fact, he was initially in love with Paola Jara and that the singer was not interested in having an affair with himnoting that she “has been straight all her life.”

“I already liked her a lot and I didn’t like her. She is a very focused and straight woman in her things, never had a blot in his career”, added the singer.

At the time of revealing his breakup with Sandra Barrios, in 2019, Uribe said: “I want to ask all my followers for a lot of respect for my family and for me. It is a difficult moment, but my family has always been and will always be my priority (…) Actually I have little time for myself, I am every day in different cities singing, and in the little time I have left, I always try to run to see my children. They are my greatest blessing, I will always watch over them and I will continue to be a father present in their lives.

Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe got married

Long live the bride and groom! This is how it was heard to say this Saturday, May 14, after the marriage of the famous popular music artists Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe.

This love story, which began more than two years ago, between criticism and controversy, finally had a happy ending: yes, I accept!

The artists gathered at the altar in the last hours, in Llano Grande, Antioquia.

The most anticipated day arrived for the paisa singer and began with the publication of a story from her Instagram: “Today I thank the people who love me and have been there for me at all times -thank you, thank you, thank you-“.