Sandra de la Vega and her worker respond to criticism

the soccer world cup is a dream come true for many footballers, who wait four long years to find a place in this competition that mark an important story in the career of every athlete. On the way to this dream, all these players have the support of their loved ones, who accompany them in every important step.

In this edition of the world Cup could not be the exception, in the case of soccer player Andres Guardado decided to attend with his wife, Sandra Vegawho took his domestic workerreason for which he earned the reactions of netizens who began to disapprove of this action, so now, the soccer player’s wife and the employee respond to criticism for going to Qatar.

Sandra de la Vega and Andrés Guardado’s employee respond to criticism for going to Qatar. Photo: capture

After Sandra de la Vega, wife of the Mexican player Andrés Guardado, decided to attend the World Cup Qatar 2022 in the company of his domestic worker, he has received endless negative comments, including they came to call her ‘classist’so now they are the ones who decided to respond.

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It has been through a series of videos published in stories on your Instagram account that, the couple of the Mexican player has shown the worker, and between the two they have given their point of view on this controversial issue.

In one of the appearances you can see Sandra de la Vega who mentions: ‘we are very sad right? Well, at least the ‘Ushi’ has become famous, ‘I’m already famous‘ answers the worker.

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The wife of the Mexican national team, Andrés Guardado, also decided to share a rather direct phrase for all those who criticized her for the decision to take her worker to help them with the children in Qatar.

‘classists are those who think that a domestic worker cannot be a traveling companion’, ‘thank goodness that there are people in the world who have already evolved’, highlighted de la Vega.

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