Sandra Echeverría gives details about María Félix’s bioseries

Since it became known that she would play the main role in the biographical series of María Félix, the actress Sandra Echeverria It has been on everyone’s lips and it is not for less, since it will give life to the character of one of the most iconic women in the entertainment industry in Mexico.

A couple of days ago, the TelevisaUnivisión network announced that the recordings of the bioseries of the diva of Mexican cinema had begun, where it was mentioned that they still did not have a defined title for the program, but they already had defined the actresses who would star in the actress, known as La Doña.

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To everyone’s surprise, the one chosen to embody the protagonist of ‘Tizoc: Indian love’ was Sandra Echeverriahowever, she will not be the only one to play the role of María Bonita, since Ximena Romo and April Vergara They will be in charge of giving him life at different times of his life.

As expected, the famous actress could not resist breaking the news and shared a couple of images through her personal account on the Instagram social network, in which she appears characterized as the iconic movie star of the 50s.

Sandra Echeverría assured that she is very excited and proud to have the opportunity to be part of this incredible project in which they will tell the life of the ex-wife of singer-songwriter Agustín Lara.

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“I couldn’t be more proud to tell you that I am indeed going to play María Félix in the first series that will portray her life alongside two beautiful women Ximena Romo and Abril Vergara!! Pinch me because I don’t believe it! An iconic character from Mexico. How would they say “the woman who stole the century,” the singer also wrote in the caption of her publication.

In the first postcard, you can see the protagonist of ‘La usurpadora’ looking like the very Maria Felixwhile in the second image she appears together with the actresses who will be in charge of embodying the younger versions of La Doña.

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