Sandra Echeverría talks about how she lives her separation with Leonardo de Lozzanne

Sandra Echeverría opens her heart and talks about how she lives her separation with Leonardo de Lozzanne. Instagram Special

Sandra Echeverría and Leonardo Lozzanne were one of the most stable couples in the show, but a week ago the singer revealed that they decided to take different paths, so she recently talked about the family situation who is living

It was through the program come joy where she revealed how she is living her separation, this after they asked her how she does to be so strong, to which she most sincerely replied, “From myself, from my son, we have to move on, life goes on And yes it is painful, but you have to continue “

The actress also clarified that it is not easy to face a situation like this, so it is a challenging moment that little by little is overcome, “Here we go, a separation is not easy, but we really want to”, we can already imagine his feeling after 11 years sharing life with Leonardo de Lozzanne.

Sandra Echeverría clarifies that there is a lot of love for her ex-partner

I think the important thing is that we are both well, there is a lot of love involved and we want to do things well, in peace, loving each other, supporting each other, especially for our son, who is a wonderful being who needs support at this time.

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A very mature attitude that both have taken for the good of their seven-year-old boy. In addition to making these small details known, Sandra Echeverría clarified that she wants to experience this process alone, so she will not give any further statements in this regard.

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The truth is that I am trying to keep it very to ourselves, because it is a really very personal issue, we are going through a very complicated moment, very difficult, but we must move on, especially for oneself, for the son, because there is also a lot of love in the relationship, it is not at all about attacking each other, on the contrary

The singer pointed out the importance of always ensuring the stability of her son and that he grows up in a harmonious environment even with separated parents, “I grew up with divorced parents who get along great and I would like my son to grow up the same way”

like a whole mature woman The singer closed by thanking for the beautiful couple who lived next to Leonardo de Lozzanne, “There is love here, it is a beautiful story, it has been a good relationship, we have no hate, we have nothing, on the contrary, we love each other, we love each other and We are simply making a decision for the good of all”

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