Sandrine Kiberlain, married by surprise to Vincent Lindon! “Like a kidnapping”, explanations

Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Lindon lived ten years of love. But did you know that the actress was married by surprise to the actor? “It was like a kidnapping,” she says.

Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Lindon lived a ten-year romance and gave birth to a daughter, Susanna22, now an actress and even director of the film Sixteen Spring. And, in 1998, a marriage came to seal their union… in a more than surprising way! At the time, Vincent Lindon had decided to surprise his beautiful … and he had not skimped on the means! “I was married without my knowing it. The pretext was that he was taking me to celebrate my birthday, blindfolded, and I found myself at the town hall with people who didn’t know what they were doing there. It was crazy, like a kidnapping“, told the now 54-year-old actress to the magazine Society.

Sandrine Kiberlain, married by surprise to Vincent Lindon

That day, her friend, the director Laetitia Masson, got up and proclaimed: “You can’t do that to a woman“. Despite everything, Sandrine Kiberlain, put on the fait accompli, had said “yes” to her companion and did not feel under duress. “Me, I was not in there at all. I didn’t necessarily understand the violence of the thing at the time, we think it’s chivalrous. I didn’t even think of saying no. There are people who never experience crazy things, well this one, testifies that my life has never been boring“, explained the actress.

His difficult break with Vincent Lindon

Lovebirds then separated, when their daughter was still small. For Sandrine Kiberlain, the breakup was particularly painful. But the two never lost contact. “Vincent is family. When we parted, I knew we wouldn’t get lost. But I didn’t know how to do it. We had just spent ten years together, we had a little girl, I was barely in my thirties, I was not on my tenth separation, so the grief…. It was very hard. It took me a while to accept the idea of ​​my daughter living with divorced parents, I who hadn’t known that. But we invent, and we build“, had detailed the actress in January 2022 with the magazine Psychologies.

“We love each other for life”

Between Vincent Lindon – who is again in a relationship with a new woman – and Sandrine Kiberlain, the relationship is even almost as strong as when they were a couple. Always with Psychologiesthe actress of the film November confided: “Today, we support each other from a distance, and we’re close enough in life to be on-screen partners. It’s very, very weird, but we manage to play it. Finally, I am not so far from the family model: we love each other for life, even if we love each other differently. We did this thing. Not without difficulty, but we did it. It’s precious, we know that.”