Sandy (Married at first sight) already married in the past: revelations about her first husband

On July 2, 2022, Sandy made a big revelation about his romantic past. The candidate of the last season of Married at first sight (M6) was married once. Asked by TV Magazinethe 32-year-old school teacher confided in the subject.

No, Alexander was not Sandy’s first husband as viewers thought. The charming brunette was married for eight years to Laurent’s best friend (who participated in season 2 of Married at first sight, in 2017) as she revealed when asked if Emma’s former boyfriend was one of her exes. “I was married for eight years to one of Laurent’s best high school friends. and we got to know each other that way. They are still very good friends by the way and that would certainly not be the case if anything had happened between Laurent and me! (Laughs)“, she assured TV Magazine.

And, after assuring that Laurent had not boosted her to participate in the dating show, Sandy confided that she had had two great love stories in her life. “From my 18 to 25 years with my first husband on the one hand, it was a marriage of convenience. We were still very young, we didn’t necessarily know what we wanted but I was with a very nice person. And on the other hand a relationship of five years at the opposite extreme with only passion and not at all reason. We had nothing in common, neither the values ​​nor the mode of operation“, she recalled.

Today, Sandy is still single. If she doesn’t regret being on the show, she’s “a little disappointed“of the outcome.”I’m coming to a turning point in my life since I decided to go live alone in Canada from August 12, I don’t know for how long. I have a two-year contract in Montreal as a school teacher, I can leave before its term as well as continue beyond. I will let myself be guided by the moment. I know that at 33, I want a family life and to have children. I want to move forward“, she concluded.