Santa Fe Klan and Remmy Valenzuela cause an uproar with shifty

There is no doubt that Santa Fe Klan It has turned out to be a whole case of cuteness, although it has developed “like a fish in water” in rap and urban music, now it has monopolized the spotlight but in the Mexican regional, where together with remmy valenzuela it gave taste of his new roll and cause a ruckusfans say ‘let it go maniac‘.

Collaborations are the order of the day and also in music regional mexican It is a practice that has been widely exploited by performers and bands, revealing that the new generations like music. mix of genresWell, although at first it was not something so well received, at present it is one of the most ‘hits’.

In that sense, the Santa Fe Klan and Remmy Valenzuela cause a ruckus with a roll, although they only gave a little taste, here we show you how this first approach to a collaboration that we didn’t know we needed until it was announced, being a behind the scenes of the music video that will surely come out soon.

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Both on TikTok and on other social networks, there have been several previews of what will be the rapper’s song Santa Fe Klan with Remmy Valenzuelain the clips you can see how they wear oversized shirts, tennis shoes and caps, while in the location it can be seen that it is a ranch with stables and corralsIn addition, some fans flocked to ask for their respective autograph and photo with the artists.

In the preview they gave of their new song, Remmy Valenzuela appears with the accordion while the Sana Fe Klan sings: “Treasonous people, they just see wool and then later they get upset”revealing that it is a subject that is not for the sore but for interested friends.

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Let’s remember that it was barely three weeks ago that the singer Angel Jair Jasso Quezadabetter known in the music industry as the Santa Fe Klan, released the song on YouTube ‘Separate’a topic that was on everyone’s lips after it came out shortly after his relationship with the influencer ended Maya Nazorwhere he took the opportunity to get what he had inside, but in the form of music with arriving letter.

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