Santa Fe Klan boasts that it made history at the 2022 León Fair, “I want them to race”

Leon, Guanajuato.- the rapper Santa Fe Klan uploaded a second message on his social networks in which he thanks the race for accompanying him in the Leon Fair 2022, where together they made history.

Without you we were nothing! Thanks for the love and support. I love you so much my race, “wrote the Santa Fe Klan in the message that accompanied a photograph with his entire team.

And he presumed that together with his audience history could be made in the Velaria of the León Fair, but not before announcing that he will soon release more music from Guanajuato for the world.

The rapper born in Santa Fe, in Guanajuato capital, “broke it” on Tuesday night in León. Photo: Special.

We made history yesterday at the León Fair. Thanks to all the people who were present. See you soon with lots of surprises and lots of new music. Pure Guanajuato! And up the Santa Fe klan!”.

The most excited were his fans, who reacted with compliments to the Guanajuato native.

You are beautiful”, “You broke it with everything”, “Something never seen before”, “You broke it with everything yesterday”, fans reacted on his Instagram profile, where 6.1 million people follow him.

Even the influencer Alfonso de Nigris asks you to notify when you go to Monterey, to go enjoy his show.

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