Santa Fe Klan breaks attendance record with more than 20 thousand people at the Velaria de la Feria de León

Leon, Guanajuato.- We are already in the neighborhood race!, thus announced his arrival to the terroir Angel Jair Quezada, better known as Santa Fe Klan, who ‘broke it’ as a star figure in the Velaria at the León Fair 2022.

And it was already coming, because after the announcement of his presentation on January 18, the networks “went crazy” and the fans of the native of the Barrio de Santa Fe in Guanajuato capital, were excited to see him.

“It was rumored that he was going to come, that’s why I put up with it and didn’t go to his presentation at the Foro del Lago,” said Brian Medina, a fan of the rapper, who paid no more than the truck and the 12-peso ticket to the fair. .

Santa Fe Klan managed to gather more than 20 thousand people in the Velaria of the León Fair. Photo: Sinohe Vazquez

The day came, and from 11 in the morning, the rows of followers of ‘La Santa’ began to form around the Velaria, it was even necessary to improvise some fences, to order the situation.

Admirers from Silao, Guanajuato capital, Irapuato and surrounding municipalities, came to reserve a place and be among the first to ‘support Angel’.

‘I met him at a party’

There were many anecdotes of those who boast about Ángel for his simplicity, some met him in Guanajuato, others saw him at parties, like Christopher Rodríguez.

“I know him from a party, I didn’t see him, but they told me he was Jair Quezada and it was cool. I saw him at a party at his house, I’m from Silao,” said the boy, who attended dressed as a rapper.

Access began at 7 in the afternoon, to start at 10 at night, “We are great fans of that guy”, was the common comment of all the fans. Dressed like rappers, others like Snoop Dogg, that’s how Velaria looked.

‘I am from the street, and I will die there’…was the chorus of fans, who were accompanied by their parents and even godparents.

They slam the door and the chaos begins

Closed doors, young people looking for a ticket, desperation and even tears, was what caused the presentation of the Guanajuato native.

From 8 p.m., things started to heat up and people in the surrounding area were desperate for a ticket. “We are no longer going to let in those who do not have a ticket,” warned a guard at the entrance.

People hanging in the stands, others injured from falling during the runners to get a good place. Others arrested after being caught with ‘prohibited cigarettes’.

The Santa Fe Klan fulfilled their Guanajuato ‘race’. Photo: Jose Antonio Castro

‘Avalanche’ in the Velaria!

Such was the desperation that the people surpassed the more than 150 elements destined for security; an ‘avalanche’ of fans outwitted the elements and bounded into the venue.

Elements of police, firefighters, paramedics, appeared in the surroundings to maintain order.

As had never been seen at concerts, security was reinforced, as there were many people trying to enter, and some more, with the intention of ‘jumping’ the fence.

There were security elements with vests with the legend ‘Panthers’, these elements were part of a tactical group that was dedicated to the attention of troubled neighborhoods, especially in the gang issue.

‘El Vidrio’, a friend from Santa Fe, predicted a mess… And the audience continued with whistles and applause.

Screw dedicated himself to signing caps, t-shirts, and thanking León for the welcome. Just like ‘La Cumbita’, a famous band from the city.

According to preliminary reports, there were some arrested for the disorder at the León Fair.

Thousands flocked to Ángel Jair Quezada’s concert, and things got out of control due to a riot of people who stayed outside. Photo: Jose Antonio Castro

The Santa arrives

The Santa Fe Klan honored its ‘clika’ from León with an ad hoc show upon its return to the homeland.

His entire band from Barrio 473 had their chance on stage, so “El Vidrio”, “La Cumbita” and other colleagues heated up the scene from 9 at night.

‘Elscrew’ and his ‘crazy life’, was another one who got emotional, gave autographs, and took every shirt thrown at him on stage. There was a bit of peace, after the commotion that arose in the surroundings, when the door was slammed to the event.

‘I am from the street, and I will die there’…was the chorus of fans, who were accompanied by their parents and even godparents.

La Cumbita, played the Colombian cumbia. Those from León were received by their fans and followers of Silao, ‘Los Angeles locos’; neighborhood music had a place that night.

The Santa Fe Klan said they were excited and nervous about “getting so many gangs together.” Photo: Jose Antonio Castro

The whistles at 10 pm mobilized the staff, the smell of marijuana was more and more intense… the wait was over.

“Get out!”, “Get out!” Was the cry of the thousands of attendees, not counting those outside the stage.

Santa Fe came out ‘throwing rhyme’, and the public went crazy. Everyone threw things at him for him to sign…he was the first Guanajuato native in a long time to provoke such a phenomenon.

I’m very nervous, I’ve never put together so much band “, the one from Barrio Santa Fe was honest.

The batch of songs began, from “I must understand”, “I must search”, “Caring for the territory”, which he sang alongside ‘El Vidrio’ and his clika 473.

“How is the band over there? Leon! I feel very excited, thanks for this welcome, we are going to spend the whole night rapping”, he stressed.

Angel pulled what looked like marijuana out of his pockets and threw it into the crowd. He came out wearing a Mexican flag, and dedicated the show to all those who fight for a dream.

People showed photographs of Ángel, others brought photos of their carnal, like Israel Benitez, who held up the photograph of his friend, killed in a fight, and who liked the songs of the Saint.

Thus, time passed, and the songs continued, the most requested song was “Big leagues”, which recently reached 100 million views.

“This goes to my entire race, to the entire race of 473, there in La Santa, thanks Carnales.”

In the surroundings, people tried to enter, despite the device that was concentrated on the Velaria.

He continued with: “Varias Madrugadas”, “Ya Se Hazo Costumbre”, “Un Loco Enamorado”, “Prohibida” and “Silencio en el Callejón”, among many others. The show continued after 12 o’clock at night.

A story of overcoming

His beginnings were next to several of his friends and they called themselves Klan. When he was only 14 years old, they released their first song on YouTube, which was a complete success, La misma vida de locos. Later the group dissolved and in 2017 his first solo album was released.

Today, 5 years later, he continues to impress the world with his powerful performances, style and unique sound. At his young age he has numerous singles with different national and international artists.

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