Santa Fe Klan bursts the León 2022 Fair – The Sun Post

Santa Fe Klan was presented with great success at the Velaria de la Feria de León 2022, where just over 17,000 people chanted with euphoria from start to finish each rhyme that the rapper performed.

With a door tour of the United States together with C-Kan, the most sought-after rapper in the bajío, he gave an unforgettable show to all the visitors of the León State Fair, during Tuesday night, where he put on thousands, mostly young to rap and dance to the rhythm of each of his compositions.

Since the Fair opened its doors to the public, young people began to make long lines in the vicinity of the venue to see the most popular rapper from Guanajuato in recent years, Ángel Quezada, better known by his stage name, “Santa Fe Klan.”

After the screw of “473” will be presented, who was applauded from beginning to end, they entertained the night before the rapper came out, the second to leave were the “Sonido La Cumbita”, who made the audience dance and sing , who also asked for greetings through banners.

The screams of the girls were heard throughout the Velaria, which took on more force when seeing the 22-year-old young man go out to interpret the first rhymes at 10:30 at night, which generated a great musical atmosphere.

T-shirts with the artist’s face predominated in the public, who completely forgot that we were in a pandemic, the little ones were carried on the shoulders of parents or siblings so that they could observe their idol.

Each fan did not miss the opportunity to take pictures, record or even broadcast part of the concert, as a way to show off and share with their family and friends that they were enjoying the show.

The theme “Problemático”, which is a collaboration with Gera Mx, was very well received despite the fact that it had only been released five days, where the followers showed that the rapper Santa Fe Klan It was one of the favorites and most anticipated of this Fair.

The euphoria in the attendees was more than evident, they tried to attract attention, there were those who came to take off their shirt and waved it to attract the attention of the interpreter.

It should be noted that during this concert and because most of the attendees were minors, the sale of alcoholic beverages was prohibited.

Santa Fe Klan is a Mexican rapper and composer, born in the Santa Fe neighborhood in Guanajuato, from where he took his stage name, from very early on he showed his interest in music, so much so that at only 13 years old he already recorded his own songs, the dedication led him to perform singles alongside Snoop Dogg, Lupillo Rivera, Caliber 50 and Beto Sierra, to name a few.

Originally posted on The Sun of Leon