Santa Fe Klan releases video, now with Bhavi, singer from Belgium

Mexico.- Santa Fe Klan does not stop, because just a few days ago he premiered a song with Germanand today presents a new collaboration with the trap singer Bhavi; Also, this Friday the 25th he will release the song he did with The Sonorous Dynamite.

It seems that the good streak of the Santa Fe Klan continues and is increasing, and it is that four days after the release of the song “Fire” Along with his friend Alemán, a new video of the Guanajuato rapper is now available.

Bhavi and the Santa Fe Klan premiered the video “God and Death”. Photo: Video Capture

Through the channel Youtube of the singer Indra Bhalavan, known as Bhavi, the video of the song premiered on the afternoon of this Tuesday, March 22 “God and death”, that barely half an hour after being published already had more than 20 thousand views.

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The Santa Fe Klan and Bhavi video premiered on March 22. Photo: Instagram

Who is Bhavi?

Indra Bhalavan was born in Belgium on October 22, 1997, but lives in Argentina. At the age of 20 he began to record his songs under his trap style. Shortly after, he joined the production company Mueva Records.

Among his songs are several collaborations such as “Mojaa”, with Duki; “Floor” with Ecko; and “Bésame”, with Seven Kayne.

In March 2021, he released his first album entitled “Cinema”; his most recent melodies are “Yesterday” in collaboration with Lit Killah, as well as “Bien” and “I Need You”.

The premiere is coming with La Sonora Dinamita

This Friday, March 25, Santa Fe Klan and La Sonora Dinamita will premiere a new version of their song “El Hombre Necio.”

On March 14, both Ángel Jair Quezada Jasso and La Sonora confirmed the premiere date of their collaboration through their social networks.

Days before La Sonora Dinamita had given some clues about his work with the rapper born in the Santa Fe neighborhood, in Guanajuato Capital.

“BREAKING NEWS La Sonora Dinamita captured #El HombreNecio, known as @santa_fe_klan_473 a few moments ago. Pending the next few days of what will happen to #El HombreNecio,” read the Instagram message with which they announced that they would premiere a song together.

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