Santa Fe Klan teaches his son, he doesn’t care what his ex says

Once again, the famous Mexican rapper is in the eye of the hurricane after a small part of a video was revealed in which the famous talks about his little son Luka. No matter what they say or what his ex Maya Nazor thinks, holy faith klan showed his son through his cell phone.

The image of your little one right now is crossing borders, there are many who are observing in detail the recording that is causing a furor on social networks.

Let’s remember that the Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor are separated, they decided to embark on their journey alone, and it is that for a few months the couple already seemed estranged, but who confirmed the breaking off She was the beautiful influencer who continues to give a lot to talk about by showing her beauty on TikTok.

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On the other hand, the Santa Fe Klan has not made any statement in this regard, it only caused a stir when it released the song “Separated”, which they say is a hymn to what happened between them, since he was seen crying and singing with feeling.

Now once again, the singer-songwriter from Guanajuato is in the eye of the hurricane after picking up his cell phone and Show your son’s picture that he has as wallpaper on his cell phone, the baby looks smiling, they say he is nice and charismatic.

Those closest to the rapper assure that the baby is beautiful and very smiling, also the owner of the hit ‘Kiss Me’ affirmed it in this publication, some Internet users say that go culecoreferring to the emotion with which show off your son whom he said he will visit soon, stressing several times that they miss him.

Santa Fe Klan teaches his son, he doesn’t care what his ex says. Photo: Instagram

It is rumored that the Santa Fe Klan is living far from the house she shared with Maya Nazor, who they say has already filed the alimony papers, which is why some users will criticize her and attack her for the amount she wants for her child’s support.

Santa Fe Klan teaches his son, he doesn’t care what his ex says. Photo: Instagram

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Surely the Santa Fe Klan will give him what the law tells him, the famous man lets it be seen that he is a Loving father and that for him Luka is the most important thing. He even composed a song for him on the day he was born, which already has millions of views and an extensive list of comments, since they consider that the rapper goes out of his way for his son.

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