Santiano in shock: “We have to deliver bad news”

Santiano are in complete shock: “We have to give you bad news with a heavy heart”

May 16, 2022 at 11:20 p.m

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Roland Kaiser, Andrea Berg and Co.: Millions dance to their pop hits

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How bad luck can a band actually have? After Santiano their “If the cold comes tour 2022” could finally start again after several concert cancellations, the euphoria has already evaporated.

On Instagram, the organizer of the SantianoTour, Semmel Concerts, Announces Tour Suspended Again.

Santiano: Concerts are canceled again – five dates are affected

“Dear Santiano fans, after we finally got going again last week and were able to continue our ‘When the cold comes’ tour, which was interrupted for a few days due to illness, we unfortunately have to bring you bad news again today with a heavy heart. Due to a positive corona test result from frontman Björn Both today, the last five dates of the tour unfortunately cannot take place as planned and have to be postponed to September 2022,” says Semmel-Records.


These are Santiano:

  • is a German band from the north of Schleswig-Holstein
  • was founded in 2011
  • Their songs mainly deal with seafaring motifs
  • Songs consist of a mixture of folk, pop, rock and slacker
  • Members: Hans-Timm Hinrichsen, Axel Stosberg, Björn Both, Peter David Sage, Andreas Fahnert
  • have sold more than 4.1 million records to date


This affects the shows in Düsseldorf (May 15), Nuremberg (May 16), Erfurt (May 17), Berlin (May 18) and Rostock (May 19, 2022). Semmel wants to reveal on Monday (May 16) when the concerts can be rescheduled.

The concerts in Bad Segeberg (May 21 and 22) should – as of now – take place as planned. Most recently, Santiano played in front of around 5,000 fans in the Rudolf Weber Arena in Oberhausen.


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