Sara Corrales knows that her character in Chente’s series will be controversial

Colombian actress Sara Corrales appears as Patriciathe mother of Vicente Fernández’s youngest son in the series The last king, the son of the people 2. They both met on the set of the movie. the hoop earrings (1978) and they had a relationship from which their son Rodrigo was born.

Sara Corrales anticipates that the scenes that she will have in the production of Juan Osorio that premieres this Monday in Las Estrellas, “are the most daring that I have done in my entire career. Although, I was in such good hands with Eric Morales, the director.”

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In an interview, Sara shares that this environment prevailed from the beginning of the recordings. “My first call was my great debut, literally; I simply said to Pablo Montero, with my lines already learned: ‘Hello Pablo, nice to meet you, let’s go to bed. And it was a challenge, of course they are not comfortable, it is not easy to do them, you need a chemistry and dynamic between him and me, it was quite strong, I had only met him a minute after starting the first scene of many”.

Regarding her character, who in real life is the Coahuilense actress Patricia Rivera, the Colombian believes that “Patricia was a woman who vibrated with this love, she fell in love with every last hair on her body. She gave everything, I think it’s true for her too. She fell in love with this great idol, with a great singer, with the person, she lived the romance of her for many years. For me as an artist, interpreting her is an honor, a huge challenge in my professional life.

“I am very much looking forward to what is going to come, I know that it will generate controversy, I want the character to make people vibrate, Patricia is going to arouse many feelings. And as an actress, I think it is very important to see the reactions that she encourages, because I had never faced a character with this uniqueness, ”she said.

He added that after receiving the invitation from Juan Osorio to join the series in its second and last part, he prepared thoroughly. “I saw all the movies they were in together. I looked for interviews. I had classes with a teacher, to prepare scenes with the tone of Paty’s voice, her attitude, I had to study her very well, I immersed myself in everything you see about her on the Internet, I read the book. I had a good time getting into Patricia’s skin.”

As an actress, Sara Corrales added, the controversy is good for her, because she will be present in the public’s comments. “I do not share the idea that Vicente Fernández has had so many women, but for me it is a huge honor to be able to represent one of them. I have hot scenes, there was a very strong one and it has many shots and different moments, with the photography we have, it was fabulous. The bed scenes, they seem to me to be perfect, they insinuate much more, you don’t see anything specific about my body”.

After May 20, when the recordings of this second season conclude, the actress goes to Guadalajara to do a promotional campaign for a shoe and clothing brand and then she will return to Colombia, to attend to her business and wait for a new project that challenges her. to do something different.