Sara Corrales learned a lesson and rejected Gabriel Soto after infidelity scandal in Colombia

After strong rumors of an alleged romance between Gabriel Soto and Sara Corrales, who worked together on the telenovela my way is to love youand in the midst of speculation about a crisis in the actor’s relationship with Irina Baeva, it was finally learned that the Colombian is looking for another type of man.

This was confirmed in a couple of interviews with the program “Hoy” and Televisa Espectáculos, where she filled her colleague with compliments, but established that she is looking for a single and faithful man. “Soto is a wonderful man, from whom I also learned a lot. He is an extremely disciplined and talented man, and something that I love about him is that he is an excellent father,” she said of Gabriel.

Sara confirmed that she rejected it: “I have my mother alive, and this woman instilled in me enormous love for me, my self-respect, so I really thank Gabriel for all his details, the flowers, all the things he had for me, but the truth is not what I’m looking for right now.” And what is Corrales looking for? “I’m looking for a single, loyal, faithful man, committed to the relationship. And well… uh, I’ll continue with the open enrollment.”

He confirmed to Televisa Espectáculos that there is a beautiful love with Gabriel, but from friends: “I love Gabriel, I adore him, I admire him as a father, but he doesn’t go there… I respect myself a lot, I respect my self-esteem, I know what I want and what I don’t,” reiterated Sara Corrales.

Perhaps it is a lesson learned, since more than a decade ago he was the protagonist of an infidelity scandal with Robinson Díaz, with whom he had an affair when they worked on the soap opera ‘Vecinos’.

At that time, Robinson was married to the actress Adriana Arangowho discovered her husband’s infidelity with the young Sara Corrales, despite their 17-year marriage at the time.

The newspaper El Tiempo published statements by the couple, who experienced a severe crisis due to infidelity. Nevertheless, Adriana Arango declared: “My problem is not with her. I think if my husband has a values ​​conflict, that’s what I’m dealing with. The problem could be with Sara or with any of the pretty women around us.And I don’t want to live that situation of always being terrified because that or another woman appears. It’s not about beauty or sensuality.”

There were also words from Robinson Díaz, who is quite a Colombian star: “Sara was a mistake in my life, nothing happens with her. Adriana is disappointed… I know it and I will do whatever it takes to get her back. I know that I have to be very patient so that she understands that I recognize my mistake, that I want to fix things, that I love her, that I want to go back home, have my home again and get my son back.”

Years later, Robinson Díaz and Adriana Arango reconciled.

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