Sara Corrales spoke about her relationship with Gabriel Soto and made it clear that she prioritized her self-esteem – Nueva Mujer

Sarah Corrales decided to speak after rumors of a possible romance with Gabriel Soto, who they say separated on bad terms Irina Baeva, despite the fact that they have been seen on some occasions. After the Colombian shared scenes with the actor in the telenovela ‘My way is to love you’ They were romantically linked.

The kisses and caresses they were not lacking among them in the telenovela for what the chemistry that they managed led them to form a possible love triangle, However, they assure that Sara was not willing to get involved romantically, so Soto would have had no other option than to return to Baeva.

Regarding the relationship they currently have, he assured that they maintain a nice relationship with a lot of respect.

“Completely real, we got married in the novel, we had immense love. In real life there is also a wonderful love, a very beautiful love, a love of companions, a love of friends, a lot of respect, ”she maintained.

Sara Corrales prioritized her self-love before Gabriel Soto

About his love lifeThe Colombian assured that she “loves” being associated with intelligent and talented men, but she does not maintain or want a sentimental bond with his former partner.

“I love Gabriel, I adore him, I respect him, I admire him, I admire him as a father, that seems to me something beautiful about him, but it doesn’t go there,” he said.

In the same way, she made it clear that she is not willing to be part of a love triangle to which he was being linked because he prioritized his self-love.

“The truth is that I respect myself a lot, I respect my self-esteem, I know perfectly well at this moment in life what I want and what I don’t,” he said.

The gossip about an alleged romance between Corrales and Soto appeared in October 2022 due to a video where you can see them dancing together and very smiling. In addition, the alleged breakup of the actor with Irina, which they have denied.