Sara corrales would experience a new facet: what is it about?

Sara Corrales is a well-known Colombian actress, currently the Antioquia woman is based in Mexico, the country where she practices her profession, since she has managed to captivate the television industry of that nation. The actress currently has more than three million followers on her personal Instagram account, a social network where she shared another facet. Therefore, several of her followers wondered if the talented woman would like to venture into said industry,

Corrales has managed to captivate the Latin American public with her beauty, her body, but also with her talent. Recently and through her Instagram account, the Colombian actress shared an avatar and asked her followers if they would play video games with a character like the one she showed.

Using an artificial intelligence application, Sara created an avatar based on one of her photos. In the graphic art piece, Sara appears in a purple top with black accents, various tattoos on her body just as she appears in her character in the novel. my way is to love youin addition to presenting abundant pink hair and metallic accessories.

The piece was shared by the artist in one of her Instagram stories with the following question for her fans. “This is what I would look like in a video game, shall we play?”Corrales wrote in a poll box.

Sara Corrales as a video game avatar
Sara Corrales as a video game avatar – Photo: Instagram screenshot @saracorrales

This is what Gabriel Soto would have done to be with Sara Corrales on her birthday

Before the end of the year, On December 27, the celebrity had a birthday. On that occasion, Corrales turned 37 and received them the way she likes best: working.

Through a series of photographs, the remembered Jessica from the 2008 soap opera Neighborswas happy from one of the locations where he is working on his most recent project, My way is to love you.

“What better way to celebrate my birthday than with work and surrounded by such wonderful people who filled me with their immense love, I adore you all 💝”were some of the words that the show business woman recorded.

However, that day many of the netizens and followers of social networks wondered where the Mexican actor Gabriel Soto was, with whom he shares scenes in the aforementioned television project.

For a couple of months now, gossip portals and various Mexican media have linked the Colombian with her colleague, because it is rumored that between Corrales and Soto there is something more than a friendship.

Sarah Corrales
The Colombian actress has been living in Mexico for more than 10 years. – Photo: Instagram – @saracorrales

If so, it has come to be speculated that with the possible union, the relationship that the actor had with Irina Baeva ended. However, it is the moment in which the duo has not pronounced itself as such, but what is possible to mention is that Baeva stopped uploading photos to digital stages with Soto.

Despite the fact that for many the duo are still a couple, others say no. For example, the presenter and connoisseur of entertainment in Mexico, Alex Kaffie.

In one of his interventions and broadcasts on social networks, the entertainment commentator revealed which sources close to Gabriel Soto said that the artist asked for a break, precisely, on the day that Corrales turned 37.

“I found out that Gabriel Soto got down on his knees to Nicolás Díaz, producer of ‘Mi camino es amarte’, to ask him not to call him on Tuesday the 27th,” said the Mexican.

The actress turned 37 on December 27.  Photo: Instagram @saracorrales.
The actress turned 37 on December 27. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @saracorrales.

Along the same lines, he also pronounced: “Yes, as soon as the protagonist of such a soap opera found out that the other would give Sara Corrales off that day on the occasion of her birthday, he fell to his knees so that he could also rest! His request was so insistent that Nicandro Díaz granted him absence from the recordings.

As it is, thanks to the permission, Kaffie said that One of the actor’s friends told him that the famous Mexican “spend her birthday with Sara Corrales, because his desire to conquer her does not cease and get him to ‘loosen up’”, concluded the television personality.