Sara Uribe reveals the reason why she has a complex about her body

The model and businesswoman Sara Uribe has been a bit away from television. However, when it comes to interaction through social networks, the woman from Antioquia is always very active, mainly on Instagram where she accumulates more than six million followers and confesses to Internet users.

In general, users of digital platforms tend to question any type of action that public figures carry out. On this occasion, Uribe has been questioned for not showing her abdomen, since it was something very normal in his work as a model.

The latest publications of the 31-year-old woman are highly praised, but she has swimsuits or other costumes that cover her abdomen and, therefore, Sara decided to clear up any doubts and tell the reason for her body covering through Instagram stories. .

“Look, I am going to clear up your doubts, there are some -users- who are asking, but why do you -Sara- not show your abdomen. I’m going to show them to you today.” said the also presenter and announcer.

With his mobile phone camera recording, Uribe had his new look orange hair and wearing a black bikini. The former protagonist of the novel moved away from her lens and before showing her abdomen mentioned that she did not do it because “a nonsense”but it makes her self-conscious “like we all have a complex about things, but it doesn’t matter,” said the influencer.

After the speech, the model showed her body and explained that the real reason why she did not do it is because of a surgical intervention to which he underwent.

“What happens is that they did surgery on me and I was left with a little snout -of skin- and I don’t like how my navel turned out because before I had all the squares and you could see everything, “said Sara Uribe.

In addition, she reported that she does not feel safe and that is why she does not like to pose with her abdomen uncovered. “Then I don’t show it, because I like to be sure”, clarified the businesswoman of aesthetic stores.

the entertainment program I know everything, where Uribe worked in the beginning, shared the video of the model’s confession on her official Instagram profile. As expected, the followers did not hesitate to comment on the audiovisual piece.

“You are still very beautiful”, a real woman, like all of us who have had children… they leave traces for life, very realistic Sara”, “the physical is temporary, a good heart will always be a good heart” and “You are beautiful, you have a great body”, are some of the most relevant perceptions recorded in the audiovisual piece of stories.

Although Sara Uribe has changed her photos and the way she appears to others, the woman continues to lead in social networks with her lifestyle posts, her feelings and the role of mother, which she apparently liked. a lot. Last Tuesday, March 8, the date of Women’s Day, the paisa wrote: “I waited until this time to upload something about Women’s Day because I wanted to think well. AND One of the things I value most about being a woman is giving life and giving me life”, along with a series of photographs.

I tell you because many times I have not been able to get up and today, when I saw these photos, I concentrated on my smile, the one that has been turned off so many times and has been overshadowed by difficult situations but today I see her and ufff!” he added.

To conclude, Uribe said that she loves being a woman despite the fact that gender inequality is a constant in today’s society.