Sara Uribe shows “the neighborhood” to respond to a reckless follower

The paisa presenter Sara Uribe has always been transparent to her entire audience, whether it is those who do not lose detail about her life through the small screen or those who follow her on social networks, where she always talks about all the projects in which she is involved or also some aspects of her daily life.

During his different appearances in networks, he always tries to show the pride he feels in belonging to the paisa culture.

This was precisely one of the points that one of her followers addressed with her, and not in the best way. }

Everything happened in a dynamic of questions that the presenter asked through her Instagram stories, where she allowed her more than 6.8 million followers to question her about everything: her profession, her beauty tricks, and even about her past relationship. love affair with soccer player Freddy Guarín, which allegedly began when the athlete was still in a long marriage with model and businesswoman Andreína Fiallo, mother of his first two children.

The presenter takes any opportunity to chat with her followers.  Photo: Instagram @sara_uribe.
The presenter takes any opportunity to chat with her followers. Photo: Instagram @sara_uribe. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @sara_uribe.

Sara answered all kinds of questions with great sincerity and serenity. However, there was one in particular that caused a lot of concern to the also model, who was also measured to participate in The Island of the Famous of RCNas it focused specifically on its origins.

It should be remembered that Sara was born in Andes, Antioquia, and at the age of three she was taken to Medellín, where she grew up, studied and began her career in the media, to later jump into reality. Novel protagonists, where he gained national fame and became one of the most famous faces on Colombian television.

Sara has never denied her “small-town” origin. Quite the contrary: she feels proud to come from the mountains of Antioquia.

For this reason, he decided to respond to this hater in the strangest, funniest and most rebellious way possible. Said netizen managed to say: “Why haven’t you become more refined after so many years of being a public figure?”, an issue that Uribe responded with a video of her lying on the floor grimacing not understanding the question as she stood up. removes a shoe in a very particular way.

Below the video you can read the direct response of the paisa: “It seems, well, why not. You can’t hide anything and I am what I am.”. With this phrase, Uribe made it clear that he is not going to leave his essence for social precepts that are added to show business people, who at some point were only part of the country’s elites, however, today the story is different.

This reaction of the presenter, compiled by Instagram accounts such as Tracking Famous, generated different opinions among netizens.

Many did not hesitate to leave their message in the comments section regarding the paisa’s way of behaving: “When you are from the neighborhood, you always miss the neighborhood, and it is not bad, many women from the neighborhood are happy and we progress the same” ; “She is what she is… AUTHENTIC, without labels… 👏”, “My God, Sara’s face has changed a lot”; “What a horror to be famous, to have to follow the stigmas of others, so that they don’t suffer so much and be happy”; “People are charra, is it because they are a public figure that they have to be perfect? No, they are also ordinary people”; “Oh no, how changed she looks… She looks different”; “It’s very normal, why do they suffer omeeee”are some of the comments that can be read on social networks.

Sara is very proud to be from Antioquia and does not deny it to anyone.  Photo: Instagram @sara_uribe.
Sara is very proud to be from Antioquia and does not deny it to anyone. Photo: Instagram @sara_uribe. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @sara_uribe.

At the moment, Sara is very focused on her participation in the new reality show on Canal RCN survivor, the Island of the Famous, where she does not act as a presenter, but as a competitor, enduring all the obstacles that celebrities like her have to overcome who want to win the biggest prize.