Sarafina Wollny got pregnant naturally

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Baby news from the Wollnys. Sarafina and Peter can hardly believe it. Sarafina is pregnant again – naturally.

Ratheim – Sarafina (27) and Peter Wollny (30) can hardly believe their luck. The Wollnys are expecting offspring again. And that although they have not initiated artificial insemination.

After Lavinia and Loredana – Sarafina is also pregnant

The Wollnys have baby news again. After Loredana (18), the youngest offspring of the famous extended family, had her first child on December 19 and her older sister Lavinia (23) also announced she was pregnant again, it is now Sarafina who has good news.

Sarafina Wollny got pregnant naturally
Sarafina and Peter can’t believe it: they are actually expecting a baby © Instagram: sarafina_wollny

While her sisters’ desire to have children seems to come true without further ado, Sarafina looks back on a long, painful odyssey. For six years she tried to get pregnant naturally – without success. It should only work with the help of a fertility clinic. In May 2021, she gave birth to her two “miracles,” twins Casey and Emory.

Sarafina got pregnant naturally

The 27-year-old now announces the happy news on Instagram: “We never expected it. Our 3rd Christmas miracle. We are overjoyed and simply grateful. Emory & Casey will be big brothers in 2023. Miracles happen exactly when you least expect them.” Sarafina also immediately answers the most pressing questions from her more than 590,000 followers in a Q&A session.

Prospects of success of fertility treatment

The chances of a successful pregnancy are between 10 and 18 percent per cycle with simple hormonal stimulation in connection with insemination. With in vitro fertilization, the chances of a successful pregnancy are around 25-45 percent. The pregnancy rate after ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is even slightly higher at 30-45 percent than after IVF. (Source: Ludwigsburg Fertility Center)

Of course, everyone wants to know how they found out about the pregnancy. “I went to the gynecologist because of the pain,” explains Sarafina. Her doctor found a cyst and added: “Congratulations, you’re pregnant!” For husband Peter and she is still incomprehensible, after all Sarafina got pregnant naturally this time.

Sarafina Wollny is currently in the ninth week of pregnancy. Their third child is expected to be born in August 2023. Meanwhile, her little sister has to deal with bad hate speech on the internet. After the birth of her first baby, Loredana Wollny was showered with nasty comments. Sources used:; Kinder