Sarah Abitbol: these scars that she would have kept because of Gilles Beyer (ZAPTV)

This Wednesday, May 11, Sarah Abitbol again testified against Gilles Beyer in the documentary Such a long silencebroadcast on France 2. She notably mentioned the scars left to her by the rapes of which she claims to have been a victim.

After paper, television. Two years after the release of his book Such a long silence – in which she accuses her former trainer Gilles Beyer of having raped her when she was 15 – Sarah Abital saw her work adapted on the small screen. This was the subject of a documentary broadcast on France 2 this Wednesday, May 11. A speech that aroused the emotion of Internet users, many of whom salute the courage of the athlete on social networks.

“Boundless admiration for Sarah Abitbol and her courage for three years…”, “The documentary on the story of Sarah Abitbol is grandiose and of public utility!”, “In admiration for Sarah Abitbol and the courage it took to testify“, could we read en masse on Twitter. It must be said that the former acolyte of Stéphane Bernadis made terrible revelations there, such as the fact that she would have bears scars from the alleged rapes of Gilles Beyer.

Sarah Abitbol in tears in front of the cameras

According to the words of Sarah Abitbol, ​​the former trainer would have been rather violent during the sexual relations that he would have imposed on her. So much so that Stella’s mother says she has kept marks on her chest. “I should be happy but I can’t. I am life disabled. You broke something fundamental in me, I don’t really know how to put a precise word on it. For example, I can’t stand people touching my nipples. Do you remember, when you used to bite them to blood? Well thirty years later, the scars are still there“, she explained, with tears in her eyes, in the documentary of France 2.

For his part, Gilles Beyer refused to answer questions from journalists and was content to send a press release, in which he defends himself of the facts of which he is accused. “Mr. Gilles Beyer was indicted solely for acts of sexual assault, which he contests, and sexual harassment, which he partially contests (…) He remains presumed innocent for all the charges against it written there.