Sarah Connor shows injury after a skiing accident – ​​and asks fans for help

The singer fell on the slopes and is now dependent on crutches. Sarah Connor hopes that her fans can sweeten her time on the couch at home.

Shortly before the turn of the year, Sarah Connor shared a whole series of snapshots from the snow with her around 700,000 followers on Instagram. Showing off on skis, the singer also posted a rare family photo of her skiing in full gear with husband Florian Fischer and children Jax, Delphine, Tyler and Summer.

“We enjoy our break in the snow in Obertauern,” wrote the 42-year-old to the gallery, which you can click on with the arrow on the right in the picture, and wished her fans “Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart”. She herself, on the other hand, started the new year less well – in the truest sense of the word. Sarah Connor fell on the ski slope and suffered several injuries. “My cruciate ligament is torn, I tore my meniscus and my inner ligament in my knee,” she explained in her daughter’s story.

“I am learning the slowness of being”

On her own profile, the singer now showed her injured leg next to a crutch, which according to the picture description was decorated with paintings by daughter Delphine.

In the text for the post, Sarah Connor gives an insight into the past few days. “I’m currently learning the slowness of being,” the singer writes, adding that the family has “played a lot, including memory championships with Champion Jax.”

But now she longs for a new pastime. “Does anyone have a good joke or a series tip,” the 42-year-old asks her fans for help. And she gets answers: In addition to numerous wishes for recovery, the comments accumulate a lot of inspiration for the future television program. A few days on the couch should be filled with it. She has not yet revealed how long Sarah Connor will be dependent on crutches.