Sarah Connor’s younger sister shares lascivious bikini photos

While Valentina poses on the side and further away on a sofa in the first picture, the following shots are in a different league: She is squatting on the edge of a pool, holding her hands in front of her breasts. On one she shows her backside. Eye-catcher: the bikini straps are not made of fabric, but of chain links.

The following snapshots will probably serve to cool down. Valentina presents a dance routine together with her friends in a short video. The big photo finale of the gallery is a cool drink in Valentina’s hand and the view of the pool.

“Girl, you’re such a grenade”

Your fans seem to find the first half of the post particularly interesting: “It’s getting pretty hot here,” jokes a user. “Girl, you are such a grenade,” writes another woman. And another says: “In this family everyone is mega!”

Sarah Connor’s little sister is known for showing bare skin. On Instagram, she regularly presents herself freely and in lascivious poses to her around 10,000 fans. A few weeks ago she introduced her new boyfriend and here, too, no normal couple picture was shown, but wildly kissing.