Sarah Engels causes big problems with the manual breast pump

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Sarah Engels causes big problems with the manual breast pump
Sarah Engels throws the manual breast pump in the trash in anger (photo montage) © Instagram/Sarah Engels

Sarah Engels shares every little detail in her Instagram story. Especially during question and answer sessions, she often gives her fans intimate insights into her private life. Now she reveals that out of sheer rage she threw her manual breast pump in the garbage to breastfeed.

Whether family time, vacation or sport, Sarah Engels takes her Instagram followers with her everywhere. She doesn’t shy away from any topic and is open to all questions from her fans. She proves this again in a question and answer session when she talks about the challenges of breastfeeding.

Sarah Engels does not get along with a manual breast pump

Sarah Engels has been a proud mother of two since the beginning of December 2021. Since then, everything on the 29-year-old’s Instagram channel has revolved around her little daughter. Her fans never miss out either. The former DSDS runner-up often gives them insights into their lives as mothers of two and answers their fans’ questions in question and answer sessions.

Sarah Engel's Instagram story
Sarah Engels shares her frustration with the manual breast pump on her Instagram story ©

There she also often talks about breastfeeding. A fan wants to know from Sarah Engels how she copes with pumping her milk. The fan probably didn’t expect such honest news.

Sarah Engels does sport 4-5 times a week

“I threw that stupid manual breast pump in the trash yesterday in anger. This thing is annoying and milk doesn’t come with it either,” says Sarah Engels, annoyed. That’s why she would avoid pumping as much as possible, which makes the young mom quite tired every now and then.

But it’s not breastfeeding that gets her down, regular exercise also gets the 29-year-old out of breath. A few days ago, Sarah Engels revealed that she would do sports almost every day. Sources used: Instagram/Sarah Engels