Sarah Engels charters a private jet – and triggers a discussion

A journey that is now causing debate. “Instead of you testing the 9-euro ticket,” it says harmlessly and apparently with a wink in a comment on Instagram. Another noted without irony: “Bahn would definitely have been more climate-friendly”. Numerous other users hit the same note: “I begrudge you, but please don’t tell me anything more about climate protection, it would no longer be credible after such photos”. Another finds Sarah Engels “very aloof” because of her alleged frequent flying.

Sarah Engels ignores criticism and raves about the performance

“If that were a politician, he would be hated immediately,” notes another Instagram fan, referring to the often very heated social media debates about politician trips. But among the many comments, some fans also break the lance for their idol. “These comments … As if each of you pays attention to the climate every day. That’s just hypocrisy,” says the defense, for example.

Sarah Engels herself does not get involved in the discussion. On the contrary: On Sunday she still raves about her performance in Berlin: “It was sooo cool yesterday”. And she is now fully available again for her son Alessio. Because her “robber”, as she affectionately calls him, stayed for a summer party at school in Cologne – and that’s exactly why the singer wanted to go home as soon as possible after her live performance.