Sarah Engels: Even her eyelashes freeze on a husky sled tour

Sarah Engels (30) flew to Finland with her loved ones shortly after Christmas. The family of four has a wonderful time there. In addition to observing the Northern Lights, Sarah and her husband Julian (29) have also challenged each other physically.

In keeping with the New Year, the couple went ice bathing. Sarah was still wrapped up in the video, which she presented to her fans on Instagram. Only a small square was cleared in the thick layer of ice. One after the other, Sarah and Julian, armed with gloves and hats, step into the ice-cold water. “Our first challenge this year is done, at minus 10 degrees outside temperature in the ice water. A mental challenge for the head and body, but a mega experience for inner strength to be in harmony with body and mind,” wrote the musician clip.

The next adventure followed a few days later. The whole family went on a husky tour, as the 30-year-old revealed on Instagram. She filmed herself and Julian on the sled and wrote: “When even the eyelashes freeze! Then you know it’s cold!” Her son Alessio (7) was then allowed to pet the huskies. And little Solea (1)? She slept through the whole spectacle in the stretcher, Sarah told her followers.

We show you the beautiful shots of Sarah’s husky tour in the video above. Be sure to check it out!

Sarah Engels suffered from dizzy spells

Sarah Engels has proved a number of times that she is sporty. She often takes her fans and followers to the gym or for a run, but the musician also showed what she’s made of on various TV shows.

For a new TV show, singer Pietro Lombardi’s (30) ex-wife even trained for an acrobatics number in December. But she kept complaining about dizzy spells. Sarah got advice from her followers on Instagram – but nothing helped. So the 30-year-old had to make an appointment with a physiotherapist.

You can find out how Sarah Engels is doing after treatment at the doctor in the video below.