Sarah Engels: Official! She now dares THIS step with Julian

Sarah Engels makes it official – she now dares THIS step with Julian

Sarah Engels: This is how the DSDS star rose

Sarah Engels: This is how the DSDS star rose

Since her first appearance on DSDS, Sarah Engels has sung herself into the hearts of the fans. We trace their rise.

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singer Sarah Engels and ex-soccer player Julian Bucher have already set a pretty good pace in their relatively young relationship.

After the wedding in spring 2021 and the birth of their daughter Solea in December last year Sarah Engels and her husband have now taken another big step.

Sarah Engels is finally taking this step with Julian

long had Sarah Engels hinted at it, now it’s happened: Julian and she bought a house!

On Friday morning, the mother of two proudly showed up with her husband in her Instagram story. “We bought our first property together today and are the proud owners of an apartment building,” Engels announces with a smile on his lips.

“We can be proud of it. We’re the real owners now, darling,” says the woman from Cologne again in front of the camera to her husband, as if she couldn’t believe it herself.

Sarah Engels at the notary – daughter Solea is always there

Pietro Lombardi’s ex-wife seems to be enjoying the big step in any case – she also published a picture of the (empty) notary’s office and having lunch with her real estate agent and the seller of the house.


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There was a “first toast” – but only with water, as Julian reveals in his story. No wonder, since the parents also had their little daughter Solea with them for the important appointment. You can see Sarah Engels pushing a stroller in her Insta story, and Julian apparently has the baby sitting on his lap in the restaurant.

While Sarah Engels is enjoying pure family life, ex-husband Pietro Lombardi has released a new single with Katja Krasavice. He now unpacked about the relationship between the two.