Sarah Ferguson remembers Elizabeth II in an emotional New Year’s Eve letter

This Christmas is being very different for the British royal family Due to the conspicuous absence of Isabel II. Precisely, to pay homage to the deceased monarch, who was her daughter-in-law, Sarah Ferguson, has dedicated a few words full of affection and nostalgia. “We miss you my dear friend. You are still present in our hearts,” the ex-wife of the prince andrew along with a photograph of the sovereign. In the same way, she has shared a beautiful poem with her community of followers, a whole song to happiness. “New beginnings, new rainbows to see. Though our hearts are apart, welcome to 2023, I know you will be filled with freedom. Happy New Year.”


It must be remembered that although the mother of the Princesses Beatrix and Eugenia She separated from the Duke of York in 1996, has continued to maintain a close relationship with all members of the crown, and even continues to live with her ex-husband at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. For this reason, when Elizabeth II lost her life on September 8, 2022, she was very distressed by the news. “She was the most amazing mother-in-law and friend to me. I will always be grateful to her for the generosity she showed me and for staying close to me after my divorce. I will miss her more than words can express.” Likewise, she showed her admiration beyond the personal, for the great work she had done tirelessly serving her country.


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Other tributes to Elizabeth II

The traditional address to the nation, which for the first time has been delivered by Charles III, It has also been marked by the memory of Elizabeth II. The current king declared the deep belief that his mother had in God, “the eternal light”, and in the kindness of people to help others, something essential in the troubled times that current society is going through. “It was an essential part of his faith, but also his trust in people. It’s something I share with all my heart”, underlines the monarch. A way of showing that in this new stage of the monarchy in the United Kingdom there is still a certain trail of continuity.


Another of the Christmas customs that the father of the Prince Guillermo has maintained has been to spend these important dates in Sandringham. An appointment that all the Windsors have attended except for the Dukes of Sussex. The next time we can see everyone together will be at the coronation of Carlos III, which will take place on May 6. at Westminster Abbey in London. One of the great mysteries is whether the prince Harry and Meghan Marklewho have once again made harsh accusations against the crown in their Netflix documentary series, will attend this solemn act, since they have been invited, as reported by the newspaper Daily Mail.

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