Sarah Jessica Parker proves that fashion has no gender with chic tailored suit

Sarah Jessica Parker She is not only one of the best actresses in Hollywood, is also a whole Fashion Icon.

Since the 90when he played his character Carrie Bradshaw in the series sex and the city, Until now, it has been characterized by a very chic and extravagant look and style.

Now what returned to his famous role, He has surprised and delighted us with each of his outfits in the reboot of the series.

Dresses, maxi skirts, wide pants, and jumpsuit, are some of the garments that the famous has taken to her 56 years old, wasting style and elegance.

But, the famous not only wears feminine looks, has also chosen business suit, who has worn a lot class and glamour, giving lessons, and proving that fashion has no gender.

And we can take any garment that we want and makes us feel comfortable, It’s all about attitude.

Sarah Jessica Parker teaches how to wear a tailored suit in a glamorous look

The famous wore a gray tailored pants with a vest in the same tone, which he wore with a brown shirt with white dots, and an orange tie.

She gave it a fashion and glamorous touch with a blue jacket, and boots in the same tone with tulle fabric.

His hair was worn in a low bun, parted in the middle, elevating your look to a greater point of elegance.

Undoubtedly a very risky look, that few dare to wear, but that will allow you to look original and sophisticated.

For another chapter And just like thatalso took another business suit, this time in a more feminine way.

Sarah wore a green striped pants with a blazer in the same tone, and wore it with fuchsia heels, and her hair was loose with waves.

The celebrity has shown that women can wear pants and a blazer with a lot of style and glamour, and we can all copy their looks.