Sarah Lopez as a couple: her companion is a big reality TV star

Last November, Sarah Lopez announced great news to her Instagram community: the pretty young woman had found love! After several high-profile relationships, as with Jonathan Matijas or Vincent Queijo, Sarah Lopez decided, however, to preserve the identity of her new companion. At least until now. Tuesday January 18, 2022, Sarah Lopez took the plunge and officially introduced her darling. The latter is not unknown to the general public since he is currently in the cast of the new season of the show 10 perfect couples on TFX. It was during this filming that he met Sarah Lopez.

On Instagram, the latter shared a video summarizing their last months together. “We thought we were writing our story together. We are at 4 months of writing, the book is beautiful, the chapters are short but intense. And to think that’s just the beginning. You quiero“, she captioned. A publication that Tom Brusse also shared on his own page. The images of their couple were unanimous among Internet users who commented en masse to wish them a lot of happiness. Viewers can now follow the beginning of their great adventure on screen every evening.

If Tom is just starting out in the world of reality TV in France, after all the same a first participation in The Princes of Love in 2019 as a suitor for Cynthia Khalifeh, he is a real stars in Spain. Indeed, at 29, the young man who grew up in Marrakech has made a name for himself among our neighbors thanks to four reality TV shows: Mujeres y hombres y viceversa, temptation island 2 The casa fuerte 2 and survivors (a Koh Lanta Spanish version). Since then, Tom Brusse has also been a columnist “on the biggest television channel in Spain“, as he presents it.