Sarah Lopez separated from Tom Brusse: she now promises to take her revenge

The days pass and are not alike for Sarah Lopez who has been trying to be positive since her breakup with Tom Brusse. Under her last Instagram post dating from this Tuesday, March 22, 2022, the reality TV candidate made a promise to her subscribers.

Last week, Sarah Lopez discovered like many viewers that her boyfriend Tom Brusse had approached a candidate for Secret Story Spanish version bearing the same first name as her. It only took a few hours for the latter decides to leave her live from a prime. Humiliated like never before, the young woman preferred to cut her social networks for several days. Many Internet users and even candidates such as Shanna Kress have given her their support waiting for his return.

This weekend, Sarah Lopez broke the silence to give news. “The nights are short, but the more the days pass, the more I get up little by little. It will be hard, even very hard, but I will get up. It will take a long time, because incomprehension haunts my mind (…) Only time will make us forget all these questions. And alone with you, my family and my friends I will go forward. And for all the people living this nightmare We’ll help each other, I promise you.” thus promised the former candidate of the 10 Perfect Couples 5.

Sarah Lopez ready to take revenge on her ex?

Sarah Lopez has no intention of giving up and she made it known on her social networks. In addition to her return to sport and outings with girlfriends, the beautiful brunette is starting to post photos again. Moreover, the latest to date also aimed to launch a spade to her former boyfriend whose sulphurous past resurfaced. Indeed, we could read the following promise as a caption: “My best revenge will be to find the smile you stole from me”.

This message, which seems to announce a positive revival, has been validated by Internet users who have sent their good vibes to Sarah Lopez. Thus, we were able to read comments such as: You can ONLY smile! You haven’t lost anything!!!!!“You’re amazing Sarah you deserve only happiness” or “It’s just a matter of time ! We get up quickly when we realize that we haven’t lost much…“.

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