Saraí Espinal announces lawsuit against Marvin Ponce for harassment and violence against women

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- the news anchor Sarai Espinal announced that it will proceed legally against the former presidential adviser Marvin Poncewhom he accused of being a misogynist and a stalker, after some compromising messages that he would have sent him.

The communicator commented that it all started on Saturday, March 19, when she shared on her Instagram account a photograph of a training she received aimed at building institutional reputation, to which Ponce commented that it would be good to “rebuild personal reputation.” .

She immediately wrote to him via WhatsApp to ask him for an explanation and complain about his strange comment, but it was there that he unleashed insults towards her.

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Espinal shared with a digital media outlet of the corporation for which he works some of the screenshots of the messages he exchanged with the former official and in the first one a text is read in which she responds to one of his comments: “I’m leaving you to denounce publicly”.

Given this, he replies: “Disgusting you, drunk that you spent. You already have the campaign ready for your five minutes of fame at my expense, that I am honest and without blemish and not like you pre-Periodista”. Immediately afterwards, the communicator replies: “Honest. LOL”.

In another series of messages she rebukes him: “Stalker” and he responds to another comment that she had previously sent in which it reads: “I have never harassed you, you ugly catcher of men. I didn’t want to fuck with you when”, leaving him in suspense.

“All the women have denounced you,” she replies. “I’m not afraid of your husband for being crappy and of you. If you want, send me to kill. I have not offended you, you come out to snap and threaten me out of nowhere. She now I AM NOT IN THE GOVERNMENT AND I WILL NOT LEAVE ANY CEROT * THAT THREATS ME. EVEN THOUGH YOU THREATEN ME THAT YOUR HUSBAND WILL KILL ME,” responded Marvin Ponce.

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Exactly five minutes later, Saraí used her Twitter account and fulfilled her warning to denounce him publicly, but also issued a new warning.

“I denounce the disgusting Marvin Ponce by ordinary misogynist and violence against women. And this goes for all the women this creep offended. Tell me that she didn’t sleep with me because she couldn’t, not even drugged. On Monday I will make the complaint to the Public Ministry, ”he wrote.

Her publication immediately began to accumulate hundreds of reactions and comments from those who questioned her behavior or who motivated her not to be silent.

Faced with one of those comments, Saraí replied that Ponce was “saying that he gave me money, but even if he gave me a million, I don’t think someone would sacrifice himself.”

The former adviser was questioned about it by a media outlet, but he only limited himself to saying: “I am not aware of what he is talking about. It’s completely false.”

Previous complaint from another communicator

Previously the journalist Grethel German He had also denounced harassment by Marvin Ponce, after he wrote risqué messages to him through Messenger.

“I am independent, I thank God for thousands of blessings, but I like him so badly, so badly and so badly that guys like Marvin Ponce, yes, that same choleric that threw a glass of water at Nelson Ávilathe same one who brought out the phrase “intellectual cow”, write to me to talk to me, greet me and then talk to me about sex,” the young woman denounced on her Facebook account in June of last year.

“Since I don’t follow anyone’s little game of ‘let’s see if it falls’, I told him to respect me and just because as a woman I give myself my place he starts telling me a lot of stupid things that are not from a so-called ‘prominent official of Honduras ‘”, he added, while leaving the screenshots of the messages exchanged, which we show below.