Sasha, the youngest son of Shakira and Piqué, would be the most affected by the “dispute” between his parents, do you dislike Clara Chía?

Shakira and Gerard Piqué were the protagonists of a strong wave of publications and news, due to their children’s birthday celebrations. Both children celebrate another year of life in the month of January, so their parents must organize, for the first time, to spend time with them separately.

After the special day that Milan, the ex-partner’s eldest son, spent, the eyes of the curious settled on Sasha, who will be eight years old on January 29, 2023. The youngest of the family is preparing for this date, where he will again spend part of the day with the former soccer player and the other part with the singer.

Both were captured arriving at the house where the children live with Shakira.
Both were captured arriving at the house where the children live with Shakira. – Photo: Europe Press

Despite the fact that it is unknown what the plans for Sasha’s birthday will be, the international press focused its attention on the possible reactions that the little one will have, since it was mentioned in the past about the bond he generated with Shakira and the alleged behaviors he presented with Gerard Pique.

Shakira and Piqué, amid rumors of infidelity
Shakira and Piqué managed to enjoy 12 years of relationship. – Photo: Instagram account @shakira

According to what you reported The National of Catalonia, the youngest of the children of the Colombian and the Spanish almost always wears a “serious countenance” and quite roughTherefore, it was concluded that he did not fully enjoy what was happening between his father and Clara Chía. The portal pointed out what was reported by the journalist Marc Leirado, emphasizing that the child suffers a lot when he has to get away from his mother.

The National of Catalonia He also talked about the plans that the businessman from Kosmos would have to celebrate his son’s eight years, leaving it up in the air if he will have a party or meeting in which Clara Chía will be. There it was also added that the athlete would be interested in the 23-year-old becoming part of “her family” and interacting more with her children.

The couple shared their first photo together on social media.
The couple shared their first photo together on social media. – Photo: Instagram @3gerardpique

Regarding the appearances of Sasha Piqué Mebarak, the portal new woman He stated that sources close to him revealed that the little boy “cannot stand Clara Chía and tries to avoid her at all times.” In what was reviewed, the information space indicated that in different images the minor captured “boredom” by having to take photos with Piqué and attending massive events.

At the moment, no confirmed information was provided by the Shakira or Piqué team about the alleged indisposition of the minor with the Spanish partner, taking into account that the details are usually given in the international press. The only clear thing is that the child enjoys the spaces with his parents, who are aware of his well-being.

Shakira would be preparing a surprise party for her child, very similar to what happened with Milan last Sunday, January 22, 2023, as recorded The National of Catalonia.

Shakira was completely dedicated to the well-being of her children after the break with Piqué.
Shakira was completely dedicated to the well-being of her children after the break with Piqué. – Photo: Instagram @shakira

Sasha, Piqué’s son, broke free from his father’s arms and ran out to hug Shakira

Months ago, in the midst of the boom that this family and legal decision made, the former soccer player and the artist were captured in the same place, due to an important sports game in the life of Milan, his firstborn. According to reports in the Spanish press, the reunion at that time was “uncomfortable” and would have been limited to slight exchanges of glances between the two, taking into account that, apparently, the Spaniard went to see his son in the company of his current couple, Clara Chía.

According to the portal The Spanish, Shakira captured the eyes and attention of those attending the sporting event, where she was seen smiling and even allowed several people to approach her to take photos with her. Instead, Piqué tried to stay out of the way with her mobile phone, to the point that it seemed to hide so that no one would notice her presence.

BARCELONA, SPAIN - JANUARY 15: Gerard Piqué, president of the Kings League, comments on the match live during the third day of the Kings League at Cupra Arena on January 15, 2023 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.  (Photo by Getty Images/Cesc Maymo)
Piqué at a Kings League event (Photo by Cesc Maymo/Getty Images) – Photo: Getty Images/Cesc Maymo

In this children’s and playful day, several present in the place took the opportunity to record and record the behavior of the athlete and the pop artist, who were located at the ends of the playing field. In one of the clips that came to light, it was possible to appreciate a particular situation that Piqué experienced with his second son, Sasha, when they were spending time together.

According to what was reported by Europe Pressand replicated by a Twitter account registered as @LovelyYou42, the youngest of the family arrived at his brother’s game in the company of his father and stood in the stands with him. Seeing Shakira in the distance, Sasha wanted to approach her and greet her in a very loving way.

Shakira and Gerard Pique
Shakira and Gerard Pique – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

In that video, the exact moment was also seen when the child ended up sitting on his father’s legs, trying to let go and move from the place. Gerard held him back and began to talk to him a bit, trying to have a conversation with him, but the little boy was quite restless.

A few seconds later, as the video showed, Sasha received his father’s permission and ran to find the Colombian singer where he was standing. The second son of the celebrities greeted those who were with her mother and then surprised her, expressing a gesture of affection for her back.

Shakira was concentrating on watching the mobile phone, so she was amazed and happy to see that her child had arrived at that place. As reported socialiteSasha was excited to see his mother at the Milan game, since he believed that she would not attend due to other matters that she had.

The singer focused on her children after the separation with Piqué. – Photo: Twitter / @shakira