Scandal! 20-year-old Academy students find worms in their food

Mexico City.- Terrible moment of disgust and horror lived by the students of The Academy 20 years when they were gathered in the dining room ready to eat their food, when they found worms in the food, even some had already begun to eat, so they complained strongly to the production.

Everything happened yesterday, June 14, when the moment of greatest suspense in the academics’ house was experienced when seeing live insects among their food, which is why the producers of the broadcast, Laura Suarez Y Angel AponteThey apologized and promised that this would not happen again.

Due to the low results in the audience of the program, users in social networks began to speculate that perhaps it was a strategy to attract attention, since since the project began little has been said about it in both traditional and electronic media and networking.

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Students lived a moment of terror when they found worms in their food. Photo: Special.

After the terrible incident, the producers decided to act like never before, as they showed their faces when speaking in front of the cameras of the singing reality show of aztec tvto send a serious message to their viewers.

“Today a very unpleasant, extreme situation has occurred, and in this case we have decided to break the fourth wall and do something that we have never done before, which is to be here on camera…, but more than anything it is to face you… Tonight, for people who don’t know what happened, there were some pretty disgusting elements found in some of your meals,” they began.

According to the testimonies of the students, the worms were in all the dishes, since at first it was thought that they were only in the plate of And herewho was the first to discover insects in food.

In this terrible moment, Angel Aponteproducer of La Academia, wanted to clarify how the worms got there, and explained it was because of the fruits.

These elements came in the fruits, in the red fruits, I am not making excuses for this, I am simply informing you of the investigation that we have done for a couple of hours here,” he explained.

Finally, they assured that the pertinent measures have already been taken to prevent this from happening again.

Measures were taken immediately: the company that is in charge of their food was removed from its responsibilities within production because we do not allow these types of incidents and we will not allow them,” he continued.

“On behalf of the entire production, we face them and we want to apologize for this situation that occurred tonight, it is something that, as I told you, we do not take lightly and that it is something very serious and that we, like that we demand of them… excellence on stage, we also demand excellence of ourselves and this type of incident is not acceptable”, concluded the executives of the program.

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