Scandal on Televisa! ‘El Negro’ Araiza and the producer of ‘Hoy’ would have an affair: “He already had it for lunch”

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Mexico City.- again Televisa is going through a strong scandal because the journalist Alex Kaffie brought to light that supposedly Andrea Rodriguez Doriacurrent producer of the show Todaywould have an affair with one of his most beloved drivers.

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It’s about the famous presenter Raul ‘El Negro’ Araizawho at the beginning of this 2022 publicly confirmed was that he ended his courtship with the actress Margaret Vega due to the wide age difference between them.

Mara and I broke up, it pains me to say it… The truth is that I made the decision, and the reason why we put an end to it was because the 21-year difference between us did weigh, “said the also actor of Televisa to the magazine TVNotes.

After this situation, the so-called ‘Villain of the shows’ has not stopped pointing out that the leader of the morning of Las Estrellas has allegedly tried to link to the son of the first actress Norm Herrera and a few hours ago he uncovered that they already had a love affair.

Through the column you write for The Herald of MexicoKaffie uncovered without mentioning Andrea’s name, that ‘El Negro’ and she would have spent a night together and that would make her more than happy.

The television producer is presuming that ‘Negro’ (that is, Raúl Araiza) has already had lunch,” he wrote.

It should be noted that so far neither Araiza nor the sister of Magda Rodriguez (RIP) have confirmed Álex’s information, for which it only remains as speculation.

Source: The Herald of Mexico and TVNotas