Schäfer Heinrich hadn’t had sex for that long

“The only one-night stand” was “not a nice experience”

Shortly before Corona he had sex for the last time. However, he apparently does not like to remember it: “Not a nice experience. My only one-night stand, I’ll repress it.” This came about via Tinder. He then deleted the app, which was also too expensive for him.

He finds it problematic that women are often only attracted to his celebrity status. Schäfer Heinrich, the 2008 candidate at “Farmer is looking for a wife“was and now also appears as a singer at Ballermann in Mallorca, explains: “It happens to me again and again and it’s also annoying. First the women seek my closeness and when I want closeness, they run away again.”

Inka Bause: She is Shepherd Heinrich's dream woman.
Inka Bause: She is Shepherd Heinrich’s dream woman. (Source: IMAGO / STAR MEDIA)

By the way, his dream woman is “Bauer sucht Frau” presenter Inka Bause. But the 55-year-old emphasizes: “My chances aren’t really good here either.” But there are other women who can “turn his head”, such as Elena Miras and Cathy Hummels. Schäfer Heinrich can currently be seen with Miras on the show “Kampf der Realitystars”, Hummels moderates the format.