Schlager fans rave about Marie Reim’s holiday photo

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Schlager fans rave about Marie Reim’s holiday photo
Marie Reim and her mother Michelle on Instagram © Screenshot/

Pop singer Marie Reim published pictures from past vacation times on Instagram. Her fans are delighted with the pictures of the blonde. They even compare the musician to her mother and only compliment her.

Caribbean – The daughter of Michelle and Matthias Reim is currently reveling in vacation memories – a few weeks ago, Marie Reim spent a few days with her boyfriend in the Caribbean. Your fans were delighted with the holiday greetings from the 22-year-olds. Now there are new insights from the past few days – because their followers even compare them to their famous mother Michelle in the pictures.

From “beautiful” to “like mom”: Schlager fans rave about Marie Reim’s holiday photo

In a red bikini and a drink in hand, the singer showed up in her Instagram post. “We took part in a painting workshop together… It was really nice! We experience such great things together,” she commented on her picture. Her fans also commented diligently: “Beautiful woman”, according to a user.

They also addressed the comparison with Mama Michelle: “Looks like your mom”, says a fan. The 22-year-old released her new song “On the way to paradise” a few weeks ago. She is currently working on a major project, which she is still hiding from her almost 50,000 subscribers on Instagram.

“Two powerful women who tell their story”: Michelle does not see daughter Marie Reim as competition

Just like her mother Michelle and her father Matthias Reim, Marie is known in the hit industry. But does the 50-year-old also see some kind of competition in the 22-year-old? After all, she is also successful in this area.

“It’s about two powerful women who are strong and tell their story – and with a strong mother-daughter relationship,” says Michelle and sees no competition in Marie. She also praised her daughter for her great songwriting skills. Sources used: