Schlager: Fire drama with Judith and Mel – coincidence saves her life

It’s a nightmare nobody wants to experience: their own house catches fire. In addition to the danger to one’s own life, there is always concern about what remains after the fire. It is a concern that also affects the hit duo Judith and Mel shortly after the turn of the year.

It was New Year’s Eve when suddenly the garage of the duo, which had been successful with songs like “Komm Kusseln” or “Die Zeit verseits” caught fire. It is only by a lucky coincidence that the Schlager couple gets the drama at all. The couple only returned from a performance tour on New Year’s Eve.

Fire drama with the hit stars Judith and Mel

“If we had come back later, the house would have been just a heap of ashes, we wouldn’t have noticed that,” reports Mel Jersey to NDR. The singer continues: “The short circuit could have been one, two, three days before.” Good luck. And yet, for a few weeks now, the couple will have to leave their house.

It will take at least three to four months before the two can return to their house in Oldenburg. Until then, Judith and Mel will be staying in a hotel. But the couple remains optimistic.

“Everything will be fine, we once sang. Now we have to believe in it ourselves,” Mel jokes on NDR. And if necessary, there are also the dear colleagues. For example, the Wildecker Herzbuben or Chris Andrews are said to have offered their help. “That’s what really keeps me going. I find that so lovely. So many lovely colleagues,” enthuses Judith.

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Judith and Mel have been on stage together since the early 80s. The two became known through their participation in the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1990, where they took fifth place with the song “Land im Norden”.