Schlager star Helene Fischer is cheekily insulted in the TV show

THE BIG SCHLAGERCOMEBACK 2022 - LIVE FROM LEIPZIG on July 23rd, 2022 from the glass hall in Leipzig Helene Fischer Photo: osnapix The big Schlagercomeback 2022 - live from Leipzig *** THE BIG SCHLAGERCOMEB ...

In the “Quatsch Comedy Club” there was now a nasty dig at Helene Fischer.Image: IMAGO/osnapix


Jennifer Ullrich

Helene Fischer has dominated the German Schlager scene for years. Whenever she releases an album, number one on the charts is practically guaranteed. But those who celebrate great success usually also have critics – that’s no different with the 38-year-old, although she has moved a little away from the hit genre with her last records.

Now Helene Fischer became the target of a nasty gag at the “Quatsch Comedy Club”. In the last issue of the cult show with Thomas Hermanns it was the deaf comedian Okan Seese who shot the “Breathless” interpreter. He was then celebrated on social media.

Comedian jokes about Helene Fischer

Okan Seese describes himself on his homepage as “the only deaf comedian who also performs for hearing people”. His stage performances work in such a way that the gags he recites in sign language are translated for the audience by his partner Archie Clapp.

Through his jokes, he conveys impressions of his perception of the world to the viewers. The topic of deafness inevitably plays a role in the program. He is also self-deprecating – among other things, he explained that he had never heard of anyone complaining about his shows.

A gag was directed against Helene Fischer that evening. He quickly settled accounts with the artist: “There are advantages to being deaf – because of Helene Fischer,” was a particularly powerful punch line.

Fans celebrate Okan Seese’s ProSieben appearance

In social networks, the appearance at “30 Years Quatsch Comedy Club – Bye Bye Thomas” on ProSieben was extremely well received. Many viewers had not known Okan Seese before, but are now enthusiastic. “Can we please continue with inclusion like this? It’s a good start,” can be read on Twitter, for example.

And this user speaks of an “important sign” that the comedian sets with his stage partner.

Okan Seese is also acclaimed on Instagram, where he previously pointed out his TV appearance. “So proud!” Writes a follower here, while another user says: “Seen it for the first time and celebrated mega”. Apparently, the comedian has now suddenly won some fans …

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