Schlager star suffers a terrible blow of fate: “Now wear an eye patch”

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Schlager star suffers a terrible blow of fate: “Now wear an eye patch”
Schlager star GG Anderson at a performance. (Archive image) © IMAGO / 7aktuell

Schlager star GG Anderson recently suffered a real blow of fate. The singer is now giving an update on his health.

Berlin – The Schlager world continues to worry about genre legend GG Anderson. The “Santo Domingo” singer suffered paralysis on the right side of his face shortly before Christmas. Now he gave an update on his health.

Concern about hit star GG Anderson: singer gives update after facial paralysis

“I was eating just before Christmas and suddenly my right mouth was hanging down,” reported GG Anderson a few weeks ago image. As a result, he could no longer speak or chew – his right eye could no longer be closed. A terrible diagnosis followed: The 72-year-old suffers from unilateral paralysis of the facial muscles (fascial paralysis). The trigger is thought to be nerve inflammation.

Now the singer reported again to the image to word. Accordingly, his condition has not improved significantly. Since the paralysis, he has not been able to close his right eye. “I now wear an eye patch that I sleep with,” Anderson said. His right eye is constantly tearing because he can’t close it, he continues.

Schlager legend GG Anderson remains positive despite the blow of fate

Anderson is now looking for help from a Chinese alternative practitioner, among others, and he is also trying to improve the paralysis with acupuncture. He also regularly practices speaking with a speech therapist.

GG Anderson keeps hoping the paralysis will improve soon. The 72-year-old actually wanted to promote his new album “WENN in Santa Maria” with several TV appearances. But he had to cancel several appointments as a result of the paralysis. Singing is currently hardly possible, said the singer shortly after the diagnosis.

It’s not the first time GG Anderson has suffered a health setback. In 2014, around the age of 64, he suffered a stroke – but recovered from it.