Scooter frontman makes a fool of himself with his own text

Joko and Klaas puzzled over his songs with HP Baxxter.

Joko and Klaas puzzled over his songs with HP Baxxter.Image: Screenshot / ProSieben

On Tuesday evening, Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf tried for the fifth time to get 15 minutes of primetime airtime out of their employer ProSieben’s ribs. In “Joko & Klaas versus ProSieben” they have already won twice in the current fifth season, twice they received a penalty from the TV station.

And the viewers noticed right at the beginning of the episode what a punishment the two show hosts got last time: They had to set all the sounds, melodies, jingles and clips to music themselves. Klaas in particular didn’t seem to have enjoyed it that much: “Everything sounds similar from tone 15 to 40,” he admitted. Moderator Steven Gätjen also announced: “It’s disturbing, but we’re getting used to it.”

But this time, too, there was a lot at stake: If Joko and Klaas lose show number five, they should take over the ProSieben Instagram account for several days – of course only to increase the number of followers. There was a special star guest in game four with Scooter frontman HP Baxxter, who, however, really made a fool of himself.

Joko and Klaas simply leave the old lady lying around in game one

Right in the first game, the two shouldn’t make the best impression on the audience. Joko and Klaas were abandoned in front of the studio and had to find their way into their own TV show. They should also master various tasks along the way. Among other things, a little girl asked for a photo and an autograph from the two, a group of fans wanted to tell them a long joke.

But an old woman who had fallen should also be helped up. Joko and Klaas skipped the task without further ado, but still won the game. There was some dissatisfaction on Twitter:

Dispute between Joko and Klaas over throwing technique

The first dispute between the two entertainers, however, flared up in the game “The Lord of the Rings and the Two Wobbly Towers”, René Adler and Sven Hannawald were the two athletes against whom it was necessary to compete. Standing on a tower, Klaas and Sven should be pushed down by Joko and René using various objects. If they missed, they were allowed to get closer to the tower. Joko and Klaas then got into each other’s hair when it came to car tires.

“I’m thinking about just throwing it,” Joko suggested, whereupon Klaas replied several times: “No, Joko, don’t do that,” replied. At the fourth attempt, the entrepreneur finally declared, after Klaas objected again: “I feel confident throwing the hoop from that distance, that’s why I was just at the training camp, because I wanted to know how far can I get with it, how much strength do I have?” Klaas wanted to interrupt directly, but his buddy took the insult:

“Wait, I wasn’t done yet, asshole. Now you can decide: Should I use your technique or the one I think will work?”

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf strengthened against Joko.

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf strengthened against Joko.Image: Screenshot / ProSieben

Joko used his technique and threw Sven from the tower – Klaas, who was hanging on an emergency rope quite unfavorably, had to admit that he was wrong. “They argue like an old married couple”, the Twitter audience agreed on these scenes. It was all useless, Joko and Klaas lost.

HP Baxxter makes a fool of himself with his own lyrics

It then got quite embarrassing in a game where HP Baxxter appeared in the TV studio. Alienated songs from his band Scooter should be recognized. In the scene in question, an opera singer sang the complete lyrics – and yet Baxxter, who wrote the song, was lost afterwards. Klaas pointed out in his direction:

“So it’s weird you don’t know. You don’t have a song 100% up for your tour tomorrow. Because that was the full lyrics and you just don’t know.”

In fact, a big scooter tour was supposed to start the next day, but the band released over 70 singles, which is why it didn’t seem easy for the author to recognize “God save the rave”. When Joko still solved because the exact line of text was also sung, Baxxter replied dryly: “That’s just the name of the tour…”

In the end, Joko and Klaas won by five to four points. Gätjen summed up the scooter frontman’s awkward moment again: “We keep our fingers crossed for you, especially for the lyrics!”

Dispute with moderator Steven Gätjen escalates briefly

As so often in the history of “Joko & Klaas against ProSieben”, the frustration of the two protagonists was eventually directed against the moderator again. The game “A romantic place on it” was actually explained by Gätjen, but at the beginning there was confusion on the part of the entertainers. Items should be positioned appropriately on the studio floor on marked areas that suddenly disappeared.

“They don’t explain everything properly and afterwards we’re the ones who didn’t listen just because the game sucks.”, Klaas etched when he failed the first tasks. “It wasn’t explained that way,” agreed Joko. If there were any further disagreements, Gätjen shot back: “Now I’m stinky” and got impatient. Klaas even pulled out his middle finger in anger.

This middle finger went to Steven Gätjen.

This middle finger went to Steven Gätjen.Image: Screenshot / ProSieben

In the end, however, they still won the game because the rules finally became clear as the game progressed. After that, Joko and Klaas even apologized to the showmaster: “We can only offer the apology”explained Klaas, Gätjen agreed with a handshake.

Entertainers mess up season finale

After the spectator game “Vandalissimo – The totally illegible quiz” that the two narrowly lost, the finale called “Lay on the High Edge” followed. Joko and Klaas had 35 attempts to throw different objects onto small ledges on a wall. Despite three advantages, they did not manage the task in the end.

The season finale ended with a defeat for Joko and Klaas, who now have to push ProSieben’s Instagram channel with their content from Tuesday night to Sunday. So maybe the fans have something from the lost show, after all, the two immediately came up with the idea of ​​​​posting “erotic shots” of themselves. “I already have a few ideas,” announced Klaas full-bodied.