Scorpions visiting the Accor Arena for the only Parisian date of their world tour

The German rock band will give an exclusive concert this Tuesday evening in Paris. They will then be back in France for seven dates and during the Hellfest Festival on June 23rd.

They were the first band to play at Bercy in 1984. 38 years later, Scorpions are back on stage at the Accor Arena. After more than 50 years of career and 100 million albums sold, the members of the legendary rock formation will be passing through the capital this Tuesday for the only Parisian date of their world Tour.

The French public will thus be able to immerse themselves in the great classics of the group such as Still Loving You Where Wind of Change but also discover new unreleased tracks from their new album, Rock Believer.

“There are three generations in front of the stage”

Unveiled on February 25, this 19th album reflects Scorpions’ desire to keep rock alive and pass it on to their younger audiences, as Klaus Meine, singer of the group, aged 73, confides to BFMTV. years:

“We have new fans. There are three generations in front of the stage. That’s why we called our album Rock Believer, because we have believed in rock since the 60s,” he says.

However, ten years ago, Scorpions had thought of putting a stop to his career. But, forced by the health crisis to refocus on their music, the members of the group succeeded during this forced break in finding a second wind to go back on tour and defend a new project.

“After making so many albums it’s easy to lose track of each other. And this time, we really wanted to find our way, to find what the fans really wanted from a new Scorpion album but also the reasons why we make music,” says Klaus Meine.

Retirement therefore no longer seems to be on the program for the German group, which will continue its tour in France with seven exclusive dates. They will notably be on display at Hellfest on June 23.

By Philippe Dufreigne and Carla Loridan