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Harry Primrose, Lord Dalmeny, is getting married to Harriet Clapham, art advisor and niece of Ecuadorian politician Carlos Sagnay de la Bastida.

The auction house Sotheby’s It is the largest and most dynamic art and luxury market in the world. Your director, Harry primrose, Lord dalmeny, get ready to celebrate your nuptials with Harriet Clapham, a private art consultant specializing in contemporary and old master works. This union, which exalts the community of the greatest art collectors and the Scottish aristocracy, was shared with EL UNIVERSO newspaper by the Ecuadorian politician Carlos Sagnay de la Bastida, in-law uncle of the specialist.

Harry, 53, is the only child and heir of the seventh Earl of Rosebery, and great-grandson of the fifth earl, Archibald primrose, who was known for having a winner in the horse derby, marrying an heiress –Hannah de Rothschild, who was one of the wealthiest women in Britain– and become prime minister at the end of the century XIX.

Harry Primrose, Lord Dalmeny and 8th Earl of Rosebery.

Lord dalmeny, extensively illustrated in art history, joined Sotheby’s in 1990 to work in one of their sales departments. In 2000 he became director of the auction house. He also assumed other responsibilities in those offices over the years. Eventually, he became president of Sotheby’s in 2017.

In the personal aspect, it is known that Lord dalmeny he had five children from his first marriage to Caroline daglish, among them, the triplets Lavinia, Celeste and the model Delphi, which has recently been considered the new it girl or “girl of the momentbritish, congratulating himself on the covers of fashion and society magazines (such as Tatler) thanks to his reigning presence in TikTok.

Harriet Clapham Photo: Facebook Harriet Clapham

As an art consultant, HarrietThe 32-year-old finds masterpieces for the private collections of the super-rich. A key part of your job is attending auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s and make offers (often of millions) on behalf of their customers of all the world.

She graduated from the Sotheby’s Art Institute and worked in the Gagosian Gallery of Mayfair, on London. She currently runs her own art consulting office and is a founding co-chair of the Young Ambassadors at the National Gallery, or the National Gallery, of England.

Harriet’s mother is a former beauty queen. Is about Mari kirkwood, crowned as Miss scotland in 1975, when he was 19 years old. His second commitment, with Barry clapham, prosperous Glasgow property developer, conceived Harriet and her sister Amy (36 years).

Harriet Clapham, Carlos Sagnay and their daughter Charlotte.

The couple will marry next year in Harry’s ancestral home, Dalmeny House, which has magnificent views of the Firth of Forth, an estuary near Edinburgh and that empties into the North Sea.

For now, the tabloid revealed The Mail on Sunday, the main house is being renovated, so Harry and Harriet are possibly moving to a smaller house on the same family lot, while the repair is complete. “Harriet and his mother visited me to inspect the cabin and discuss what to do; his mother will be welcome if she stays with us ”, he commented Harry recently to the aforementioned publication. (I)

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