Sean Penn calls for a boycott of the Oscars if the president of Ukraine is not given a chance to speak

Sean Penn called for a boycott of the 2022 Oscars if the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences vetoes the intervention of Ukrainian President Vlodomir Zelensky during the gala that will take place this Sunday at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

“If that happens, I will encourage all the nominees to protest and boycott the awards,” said the American actor during an interview broadcast by CNN.

Sean, 61, has threatened to publicly “melt down” his statuettes if the academy chooses not to give Zelensky a chance to speak.

“I myself will melt my statuettes”, told the interviewer, Jim Acosta.

Penn insisted that “there is nothing bigger the Academy Awards can do than give Zelensky a chance to talk to all of us.”

He then added: “I understand that the decision has been made not to do it. It is not for me to say whether President Zelensky would have wanted to do it or not… If the Academy has chosen not to listen to the leaders of Ukraine, who are receiving bullets and bombs for us, along with the Ukrainian children they’re trying to protect, so I think every one of those people and every part of that decision will have been the most obscene moment in all of Hollywood history.”

Sean argued that denying Ukraine’s president “would encourage everyone involved – even though I know it’s their night and I understand that – to protest and boycott the Academy Awards. This is far more important than their time to show off.”

The actor said he prayed “that there have not been arrogant people, who consider themselves representatives of the greater good in my industry, who have decided not to have the leader of Ukraine. So I hope that it does not happen. And if it is the case, I hope everyone will go.”

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At the start of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, Sean Penn traveled to the invaded country to shoot a documentary about the historic event.

The two-time Oscar winner visited the Office of President Volodimir Zelensky, and attended a press conference by Iryna Vereshchuk, Deputy Prime Minister and Advisor to the Office of the Head of State.

During his trip to Ukraine, the protagonist of “Mystic River” was speaking with accredited journalists at the press conference and “with our military, he saw how we defend our country,” an official note from the Ukrainian government explained at the time.

“Sean Penn shows courage that many others, including Western politicians, lack. The more people who come to our country now, as true friends of Ukraine, who support the struggle for freedom, the sooner it will be possible to stop Russia’s treacherous attack.” , specified the official note.

The actor and director has already paid a visit to Ukraine in November 2021 for the first time to prepare this documentary, in the midst of tensions between Ukraine and Russia and it is not the first time that he has been involved in humanitarian operations or has given his opinion on conflicts. politicians.

In early March, the actor-director was seen among thousands of people fleeing Ukraine in search of safety.

The Hollywood star had to abandon the vehicle in which he was traveling after getting stuck in traffic and ended up walking several kilometers with two of his companions until he reached the Polish border.

“Almost all the cars in this photo carry only women and children, most without any visible sign of luggage and with a car as their only valuable possession,” he commented on his Twitter account along with an image in which you can see him pulling a suitcase on the road.