Season finale of “Teenagers Become Moms”

Overwhelming feelings at “teenagers become mothers” on Thursday from 8:15 p.m. on ATV.

The season finale of “Teenager Maman” has it all: Gerald and Kristin welcome their newborn daughter and another family member and Michelle is nervous because daughter Milena’s dad is coming home from state vacation.

Surprise on four paws

Mom of three Kristin comes home from the hospital with her newborn Lea Paulina. Lo and behold: your fiancé Gerald has prepared a surprise. He bought a dog. Will the young mama be so happy when there is one more task waiting for her in the future?

Offspring for Nadine and Manuel?

19-year-old Nadine gave birth to her first child when she was 16. Ella had a difficult start in life due to breathing pauses, but things have now settled down. The little family is happy. Nadine and her Manuel would be even happier if the pregnancy test was positive today. “I’m very nervous because I hope it will be two draws,” says Nadine. Is there growth soon?

New music video by Angelo

19-year-old Michelle, who is pregnant for the second time, is also nervous. Little Milena’s dad is coming home today. State leave is over, dad is out of prison and will be there when his second daughter is born. Michelle is excited because her boyfriend was gone for a long time: “I’m really happy, but I hope I don’t overwhelm him too much.” Angelo shoots his music video for his emotional rap song for son Angelo jr.: “A lot of emotions are involved, it’s for Angelo and about my past.” The video will premiere on Thursday.

So don’t miss it: “Teenagers become mothers” today Thursday (March 24, 2022) from 8.15 p.m. on ATV.